YesColours X Sustainability Show 2023

YesColours journey began with a clearly defined mission: to eradicate paint waste. Too long have we been decorating our homes without considering the world outside of them.

Now, with creativity at our heart, we have brought this together at the Sustainability Show 2023 with exhibitors as well as a curated list of products and designed an installation that showcases some of the most exciting sustainable home decor brands on the market. Come visit us at SS23 and see our 4 unique, sustainably designed pods.

Sustainability show pods by YesColours

Our SS23 Living Space

Our Living Space has been designed specifically for SS23, where you’ll be able to see not only some of our most popular paint colours but some of your favourite big and small sustainable businesses from the UK and beyond. Below is more information on each section and our partners.

Marrakech Studio

Theme: Our enigmatic Electric Blue drenches the studio to create a mystical haven just like the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech. You could easily lose yourself in such an energetic exciting space, just like the incredible souks and alleyways around the medina.

Colours: Electric Blue, Terracotta, Electric Yellow

Blushing Boudoir

Theme: This restful space will give you time to breathe and take a moment to enjoy some quality time with your own thoughts. Soft linens, serene stripes along with saturated yet earthy colour pairings create a place of pure calm

Colours: Calming Pink, Neutrals, Loving Pink

Terrace Tropicana

Theme: Tropical is all about being outside enjoying the delights of the sunshine. We bring the tropics to you with our joyous bolder pastel pod, a comfortable resting place to ease those weary legs, close your eyes and pretend you’re sipping rum in the cool breeze of summer.

Colours: Miami Pastels

Memphis Lounge

Theme: Being sustainable does not mean all things beige, far from it. We can be kinder to the planet and still enjoy the benefits of colour joy. Sit back, unwind and enjoy this vibrant room, full of eco accessories and a palette to lift the spirits.

Colours: Fresh Peach, Naturals

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