#MyColours: Colours for Mental Health Awareness

#MyColours is our special edition palette where creators, designers, musicians, artists and even gardeners get to create their own YesColours paint colour… but that’s not all.

This YesColours campaign was born in early 2023, right in time for Mental Health Awareness Week — a period that focuses on our wellbeing, mental and physical health and things that help us feel better. A mission we’ve always supported here at YesColours as we believe colour can contribute to our wellbeing just as much as your morning cup of tea followed by a relaxing yoga session.

#MyColours unites people passionate about colour and creativity, as well as advocates for mental health wellbeing who often have the discussion around it open and honest. Every person you’ll see here has created their own paint colour based on their own personal experiences, memories and connections with nature and the world. 

Additionally, the paint colours from our special #MyColours collection help support some of the most important charities in the UK, with a portion of all profits getting donated to non-profit organisations that help fight the stigma surrounding mental health, as well as providing crucial care to those who are struggling.

Have a look at our special edition colour palette.


Holly Fletcher, known professionally as Låpsley, is a British singer-songwriter, electronic music artist, writer, activist and feminist. Needless to say, she’s an all-round creative who thrives in spaces and situations where any form of art is involved and artistic expression is highly encouraged.

Låpsley’s colour for our #MyColours collection — Listening Blue, represents her love for the colour blue — one that has resonated with her her whole life, from growing up by the sea, walking with the dog on the dunes, sitting next to her dad at the Everton match… and even her album covers.

Find Låpsley on Instagram and listen to her music on your preferred audio platform.


Colour-loving digital creator and founder of Text Me When You Get Home, Sisi has been winning our hearts with her use of bright hues, bold patterns and nature-infused home decor style. Sisi has been featured on multiple online platforms, such as Women’s Health, and she uses her social media presence to openly share her struggles with lupus and encourage people to find little things and habits that bring them joy and light even in their darkest moments.

Sisi’s colour for our #MyColours collection — Malagasy Coral, is inspired by her childhood spent in sunny Madagascar, surrounded by tropical plants and lots of sun.

Find Sisi on Instagram.

The Beardy Gardener

Struggling with mental health challenges his whole life, Leigh has found comfort and solace in nature and, more specifically, gardening. 

Leigh’s colour for our #MyColours collection — Mindful Green, is inspired by his love of gardening, something that his grandma got him into as a child. This colour is based on the shade of the Hardy Geranium leaves that Leigh loves so much and the way in which green has a positive and powerful impact on mental health.

Find Leigh on Instagram and on beardygardener.com.

At YesColours, we pride ourselves on creating feelgood colours, but now we can say our colours do good too. We’re really inspired by Leigh, Sisi and Låpsley and the way they use bold colours in such different ways. We hope this range will help fund the work of mental health charities for years to come. This is just the beginning.

Emma Bestley

Creative Director and Co-Founder, YesColours

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