3 Timeless Christmas colour palettes

3 Timeless Christmas colour palettes

By Elena Koycheva on

'Tis the season to enjoy all the good, heart-warming things, and, alongside the sparkling baubles on the Christmas tree and the socks hanging above the fireplace, we all know of one more thing that brings joy and glee, even when the Christmas lights go off. Yes, we're talking about colour. And, more specifically, colours that boost our festive mood and contribute to a cosier and warmer holiday season, no matter how you decide to use them. Whether you're planning a complete dining room redecoration, need help with the Christmas tables cape styling or perhaps some ideas for bauble painting DIY — we've got something for you.

Let us introduce you to three timeless Christmas colour palettes that will make your heart sing (and your guests too, with or without a glass of mulled wine).


photo of a green Christmas tree next to a peach coloured wall, photographed in the reflection of an asymmetrical mirror with a golden frame placed on a dark green painted wall

Our Fresh Peach and Loving Green paint colours are making the perfect Christmas colour combination over at Emily @our1935terrace's home. 


Yuletide Forest.

This Christmas colour palette is like a warm cocktail of cinnamon, saffron and sage, mixed together and left to simmer in a pot, filling your home with a wintery, festive fragrance that will last for days.

The 'Yuletide Forest' Christmas colour combination is, in fact, the uplifting colour trio of our Loving Orange, Calming Pink and Mellow Green.

Green is a notoriously popular Christmas colour so it's no surprise that you see one of our greens here. You can use Mellow Green on all walls (and maybe even the ceiling too) and then use small bits of our Loving Orange and Calming Pink paint colours as accents around the space. Think of window recesses, door frames and doors, coving and skirting boards, or, if you'd rather have just one paint colours on the walls, you can look for soft furnishings and artwork in these two shades to complement the luscious grass green paint colour that is our Mellow Green.


three colourful squares with asymmetrical paint blobs in the following colours: burnt orange, bubblegum pastel pink and grass green

Welcome to our Yuletide Forest: a timeless Christmas colour combination featuring our Loving Orange, Calming Pink and Mellow Green paint colours.


Golden Nutcracker. 

Now, this one is surely a showstopper. Trust us.

The 'Golden Nutcracker' Christmas colour combo is a delicious combination of our Loving Pink, Friendly Lilac and Mellow Yellow paint colours. Three completely different paint colours that, at a first glance, will most likely make you wonder how on earth is it possible for them to pair together and form a cohesive palette. Well, friends, what can we say... anything is possible, especially when it comes to the mighty power of colour that should never, ever be underestimated.

Take our Loving Pink paint colour for example — this is a dark, seductive and cocooning pink/purple shade that's an excellent choice for bedrooms and living rooms but also for the colder months too, as it will create a cosy ambiance that will embrace you after a long day and will make you feel rested and warm inside. Or, if you (like us) think of this as a dark and sexy pink heaven, then it might inspire another type of vibe too. But wait... we're talking about Christmas now.

You can use Loving Pink as the main colour on your walls (or tablescape), then add hints of our Friendly Lilac shade to the accents in the room (small DIY upcycled items, Christmas decoration, painted picture frames... the world is your oyster here). Then, add our mustard yellow paint colour — Mellow Yellow, in the form of soft furnishings, cushions, throws, festive ribbons, stars to add some cosy warmth to the room and achieve that soothing Christmas glow that we all love and crave.


three colourful squares with asymmetrical paint blobs in the following colours: dark purple pink, pastel lilac and mustard yellow

Welcome to the world of the YesColours Golden Nutcracker: our second timeless Christmas colour combination, where you'll find our Loving Pink, Friendly Lilac and Mellow Yellow paint colours.


Very Merry.

Welcome to the classics. After all, what is Christmas without a palette rich in greens and reds? Yep, we all know the answer here.

Here we have a classic bright red — our Electric Red paint colour, and an equally classic dark green — our Loving Green paint colour, paired together with one of our most popular colours lately — our soothing Passionate Olive Green shade.

The two green colours pair together beautifully to create a tonal palette, which you can experiment with however you like. Whether you'd like to go all in with Passionate Olive Green on the walls and Loving Green on the ceiling, or perhaps Passionate Olive Green on the walls and ceiling and Loving Green on the woodwork, there are no rules there. To complete this timeless Christmas colour combo, just add a sprinkle of our bright and vibrant Electric Red paint colour on small accents or in the form of soft furnishings, table accessories or even napkins, for a full-blown Christmas vibe. You know you can't go wrong with that one.


three colourful squares with asymmetrical paint blobs in the following colours: bright red, olive green and dark green

Let's get Very Merry this holiday season and embrace the most timeless Christmas colour combination of them all — red and green. Here you'll find our Electric Red, Passionate Olive Green and Loving Green paint colours, paired together for a cosy home decor vibe that will last beyond the festive season.


Not quite settled on a winter colour palette for your home (or, better yet — a timeless colour palette that outlives all trends and seasons)? Book a free colour chat or a paid 30-minute colour consultation with our team and our dedicated colour experts will help you create the colourful home of your dreams.

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