close up of a stand mixer in iridescent blue and lilac colour, photographed on a kitchen worktop surrounded by food supplies and small decorative items

Pop of colour: how to infuse personality into your kitchen space with KitchenAid

By Elena Koycheva on

We love colour, we love food, and we LOVE a good kitchen design. Well, who doesn't, really? This time though, we have prepared some kitchen decorating tips that go beyond the usual colour combo. And the reason for that is the masterpiece that we've used as inspiration — the latest addition to the KitchenAid family, the Artisan 4.7L Tilt-Head Stand Mixer in the KitchenAid Colour of the Year 2024 — Blue Salt.

And, in case you've missed the big reveal, head over to our Instagram where you'll find out how we've combined paint and mesmerising kitchen appliances to create something truly unique. No need to take this with a pinch of salt, we promise you it's absolutely magical.


close up of a KitchenAid stand mixer in iridescent blue and lilac colour, placed on a kitchen worktop and surrounded by food

KitchenAid Colour of the Year 2024 — Blue Salt.


The brand new KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer in their Colour Of The Year 2024 — Blue Salt, boasts a delicious periwinkle blue hue with enchanting red undertones, creating a captivating iridescent effect that transforms with the play of light and angle. Yes, similar to the way you see the colours on your walls differently during light changes and room directions. We told you KitchenAid and YesColours have way too many things in common, didn't we?

Like YesColours, our friends at KitchenAid also believe in championing the power of colour to fuel creativity and draw inspiration from nature and outdoor spaces. One of the images which inspired the blue and lilac iridescent tones of Blue Salt was the butterfly wing when looked at through a microscopic lens. 

Here's what Brittni Pertijs — the Lead Colour, Material & Finish Designer at KitchenAid, has to say about their new Colour Of The Year:

"We want people to slow down and feel excited and optimistic by the whimsical tone. Blue Salt was created to ignite positive and fresh new perspectives. Blue Salt is a living colour that changes throughout the day as its subtle, yet shifting, red pearl finish is a sensory reminder to see every day in a new light.” 

Brittni also advises that Blue Salt goes well with a wealth of paint colours:

"Because of its versatility, Blue Salt pairs very well with both neutral and vibrant tones in the home. Blue Salt is unique in that the colour can shift in different lighting. It can feel neutral, but it can also be more vibrant.”

If you're wondering how to complement this stunning centrepiece, let's explore four kitchen colour schemes that will harmonise beautifully with the KitchenAid brand new Blue Salt Stand Mixer.

close up of a stand mixer in iridescent blue and lilac colour, photographed on a kitchen worktop surrounded by food supplies and small decorative items

The KitchenAid iconic Artisan Stand Mixer in their Colour of the Year 2024 — Blue Salt, is now available on


Natural Serenity.

Embrace a serene ambiance by pairing the Blue Salt Stand Mixer with neutral colours like our Electric Hot White, Calming Neutral or Friendly Neutral paint shades. These understated soft tones provide a perfect backdrop, allowing the mixer's captivating blue hue to shine in its full glory. You could also use accents of blue or lilac through decorative items such as tea towels, vases, or even a statement backsplash to tie the look together seamlessly.


Miami Pastels.

The iridescent periwinkle blue mixer effortlessly captures the essence of Miami's eclectic charm. To complement this stunning kitchen superstar, consider embracing pastel tones reminiscent of Miami's iconic Art Deco architecture and tropical landscapes. Our Serene Pink and Fresh Green paint colours, as well as buttery yellows like our Fresh Yellow evoke a sense of warmth and nostalgia, infusing your kitchen with a playful, yet sophisticated energy. Bonus tip: try zoning your dining area with one of these pastels to create a feature with a sprinkle of vibrant colour.

close up of a yellow colour swatch held in front of a white tiled wall

YesColours' Fresh Yellow paint colour is warm, positive and uplifting — the perfect colour choice for a kitchen or dining space.


Coastal retreat.

Transport your kitchen to a tranquil seaside paradise by introducing soft hues inspired by the ocean and sky. Pair the Blue Salt mixer with our Serene Blue paint colour and drench the whole space for an immersive cooling, calm space. Alternatively, keep the walls neutral and use our Fresh Lilac or Graceful Lilac shades on the skirting boards or ceiling to evoke a sense of coastal charm.


Peachy Warmth.

Create a cosy, inviting atmosphere in your kitchen by pairing the Blue Salt mixer with warm, nurturing peach tones. Use our soft Serene Peach paint colours on walls, kitchen cabinets or to create colourful accents around the space. Create a cosy backdrop for the mixer to take the centre stage while natural light dances off its shifting colours. The harmony between peach and Blue Salt will transform your kitchen into a haven of culinary creativity and aesthetic charm.


close up of a peach, green and white colour swatches held in front of a white tiled wall

Stolen from our Co-Founder and Creative Director's own kitchen, the colour combo of Serene Peach, Fresh Green and Electric Hot White guarantees a delicate splash of colour for your kitchen, without overwhelming the space with bold hues.


As you can see, the KitchenAid Artisan 4.7L Tilt-Head Stand Mixer in Blue Salt and its magical iridescent blue hue offers endless possibilities for elevating your kitchen decor. Whether you prefer a serene and neutral ambiance, an uplifting Miami deco aesthetic, or a refreshing coastal vibe, there's a perfect colour scheme to complement this stunning appliance and transform your kitchen into a delicious haven that delights the senses. 

Let your imagination soar and embrace the beauty of colour as you design a space that reflects your personal style and culinary passion.