Photo of an island architecture consisting in a bright ultramarine blue painted house with orange window frames and white rooftop, surrounded by a bright blue stone wall, overlooking a blue sea to the right

How to make your garden a Santorini paradise with our Electric Blue Masonry paint

By Iona Bower on

Bring the feeling of year-long sunshine and outdoor living to your garden with a little Santorini Blue and a lot of laid-back island attitude. 

With its ultramarine blue domed roofs and whitewashed walls, the Greek island of Santorini has an iconic style all of its own. If you fancy a little island living yourself, the good news is that it’s a look that is fairly simple to recreate anywhere - particularly with a quick lick of YesColours Electric Blue Masonry Paint


landscape photo of Santorini with a bright blue sea, a dark green mossy hill on the left and a layered line of white houses and church buildings with ultramarine blue circle domes on the right

Santorini is a favourite travel destination to many people, with its white buildings, splashes of yellow and, of course, the ultramarine blue domes reflecting the bright sunlight all summer long. Guess what? Now you can achieve that look in your own home, wherever you are. Keep reading to find out how.


Blue is the colour.

Take inspiration from Santorini’s iconic blue domed roofs and splash ultramarine blue everywhere. YesColours’ Electric Blue is available in an outdoor masonry paint and - would you believe it? - it’s almost a perfect match for those island domes. If you’re lucky enough to have a courtyard style garden, drench every wall in it, or perhaps choose the back wall or wall of a side return to turn Santorini Blue. If you don’t have a wall at your disposal, buy a whole pile of terracotta plant pots and paint them to bring a bit of that blue to a small space. 

close up photo of a brick wall almost entirely painted in a ultramarine blue colour, with a paint brush covered in blue paint moving along the wall horizontally to the right

Our Yves Klein Blue-inspired Electric Blue paint colour is unmatched on the paint market due to its vibrancy, saturation, special ultramarine blue pigment and delicate velvety finish. And the best news is, it's now available in masonry finish too. Let the garden makeover begin!


Make it light, bright and white.

Take a leaf out of Santorini home-decorators’ books and use lots of reflective white. Electric Hot White doors and window frames look ultra fresh and crisp alongside Santorini Blue and will transport you instantly to long lunches, bowls of olives and red wine in the sunshine.


Photo of an island architecture consisting in a bright ultramarine blue painted house with orange window frames and white rooftop, surrounded by a bright blue stone wall, overlooking a blue sea to the right

Time for colour matching! You can achieve the look of this piece of paradise in Santorini by using our Electric Blue masonry paint colour for the stone facade, our Electric Orange paint colour for the window frames and our Friendly Blue paint colour in eggshell for the door, windows and surroundings. You're welcome.


Add warmth with earthy tones and natural materials.

Browns and oranges, terracotta and earthy green shades all bring a little warmth to a coastal blue and white scheme. You could upcycle some chairs or a side table for your space (try YesColours’ Passionate Olive Green or Loving Orange paint colours) or introduce the colours in accessories.

Look for natural materials, such as driftwood, stone and linen to accessorise a Santorini scheme; it’s all about appreciating what nature offers us. Outdoor furniture made from rattan or rustic wood does the job well, or throw in an outdoor rug in warm neutral tones.


Planting Santorini style.

No mini Santorini paradise would be complete without some island plantlife. Miniature lemon trees, olive trees and  geraniums all arranged in tiered terracotta or clay pots and piled up on ladder shelves and walls bring a bit of lush Santorini style to your outdoor space. Plant up, then sit back with a copy of My Family and Other Animals and a bowl of olives and wash them down with an ouzo or two. Yiamas!


White Island aesthetic stone building with bright yellow wooden gate photographed in front of a bright blue sky

Besides the signature Santorini colours - white and blue, you could see splashes of yellow, orange and green all over the Greek island. Replicate this authentic Santorini look in your own home by painting your wooden gate, door or window frames in our bright and vibrant Electric Yellow paint colour in eggshell finish.


If you’re looking for a little help when choosing the right paint colour for your Santorini-inspired home decor palette, book a colour consultation with us. It's easy, it's fun... and there's a free option available too.

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