photo of a navy blue teal sofa photographed in the middle of a teal wall, with an orange ladder and life ring on the right and a sign saying 'warning no lifeguard on duty' on the left

How to use Wes Anderson’s films for interior inspiration

By Iona Bower on

Inspired by all the ‘Accidentally Wes Anderson’ reels out there? No need to keep up the pretence you don’t mean it! Here’s how to create a Wes Anderson look for your home, completely intentionally. Nothing accidental about this look. No, siree. 

A Wes Anderson aesthetic is so heavy on style, it’s actually fairly easy to recreate. In fact, the art of it is knowing when to hold back with this maximalist, whimsical look. 

The overall feel you want is one of intended theatricality. Anderson’s sets and costumes always have that slight look of being ‘on stage’ rather than on film, with their handmade elements and slightly offbeat, faded energy. There’s also a big element of fun present, so you can afford to add accessories or patterns that are non-serious or are making a comment about the space. 


A vibrant and visually-rich Yes Colours interior set up with the Anderson Aesthetic.

A vibrant and visually-rich Yes Colours interior set up with the Anderson Aesthetic. Steal the look with our Joyful Aqua paint colour and a little hint of our cheerful Joyful Orange shade.


Colour is certainly a huge part of the Wes Anderson Aesthetic, with his trademark muted shades and use of neutrals lifted by pops of vibrant colours that are almost part of the cast - think Steve Zissou’s red beanie. So choose a limited colour palette to begin with of maybe four or five toning shades and then add an Andersonesque element of surprise with an item in a highly saturated colour. It could be anything from a bright yellow armchair or a bubblegum pink standard lamp. This deviation from the colour palette is what Andersen uses to imbue an object with importance, and you can do the same in your room to highlight special areas you want to draw the eye to. 

Equally important to this look is symmetry. There’s a sense of harmony in Anderson’s films that works in contrast to the darkness of the plots. We’re not suggesting you use a pair of matching lamps to distract from domestic discord, but hey - it’s cheaper than therapy! Tidy bookshelves, arranged visually rather than by theme, matching bedside tables or pairs of side tables either end of the sofa all create symmetry. And while we’re about it, you can use repetition in similar ways. Like a piece of artwork or a vase? Buy three. Anderson Aesthetic answered. 

Once you’ve sorted the colour and the symmetry (and the having three of everything) think about adding a bit of texture and tone to your space with some of Wes’s favourite filmic tricks. Add some maximalist wallpaper a la Margot Tenenbaum and her zebras on a red background. Scatter a few fonts around, or print your own typographic artworks in Anderson’s fave font, Futura Bold. Fling a few items of ‘barley twist leg’ furniture about the space - his set designers say Anderson is mad for a barley twist leg, on tables, chairs or even lamp bases. And finally, sprinkle a little retro style around with a dial-up phone or a record player

Ready to immerse yourself in Wes Anderson’s universe now? Here’s how to achieve some more specific Anderson Aesthetic looks…


The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The look: Colourful, fantastical faded glamour. 

Decorate with: Pinks and purples with some pastels thrown in. Try our Joyful Pink, Loving Pink and Calming Blue paint colours.

Then add: Retro tea sets, Louis Vuitton luggage, chandeliers, voile curtains in huge windows, an Art Deco drinks trolley.


The deepest pastel of pink in our palette that gives off joyful vibes.
Embrace the Wes Anderson aesthetic with our Joyful Pink paint colour - the deepest pastel of pink in our palette that gives off joyful vibes.


Moonrise Kingdom.

The look: Whimsical adventure and childhood nostalgia. 

Decorate with: Dusky pink, sage green, teal and yellow. Try YesColours’ Mellow Pink, Mellow Green, Passionate Teal and Passionate Yellow paint colours for the perfect Wes Anderson colour scheme

Then add: Binoculars, an oil lamp, natural and nautical art, plaid blankets and wood panelling, a record player, scouting paraphernalia. 


Our Passionate Teal paint colour is a deep, stable shade that evokes tranquility but with positive green energy.


The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

The look: Quirky, nautical and laid-back.

Decorate with: Mustard yellow, muted orange, azure, pops of red. Try YesColours’ Passionate Yellow, Loving Orange, Joyful Aqua and Electric Red paint colours. Are you brave enough?

Then add: Nautically themed accessories, maps and globes, battered leather armchairs, mid-century furniture, vintage bar stools, Jaguar Shark artwork. 


A stimulating hue ready to rock your world. Sit up and take notice of our Electric Red matt emulsion paint.
A stimulating hue ready to rock your world. Sit up and take notice of our Electric Red paint colour. 


The Royal Tenenbaums.

The look: Humorous, dramatic and with a global view. With zebras. 

Decorate with: Peach, pink, red and yellow. Try YesColours’ Calming Peach, Mellow PinkElectric Red and Calming Yellow paint colours for a tonal, Wes Anderson-approved colour palette.

Then add: Velvet sofas, Turkish rugs, global artefacts, lots of framed artworks, bold animal wallpapers, a pink ‘princess’ phone. 


photo of a plastic pouch with logo that reads YesColours positioned in the middle of the frame with a paint brush and paint roller on its right side, all photographed in front of a muted peach colour background
Our Calming Peach paint colour reminds us of pale terracotta pots in the afternoon sun, a vintage peach silk art deco dress and if you're ever lucky enough to see a Rossendale peach Dahlia... bliss.


The French Dispatch.

The look: Vintage French style, with added grittiness. 

Decorate with: Neutrals and monochrome with pops of citron yellow, bottle green and dark blue. Try YesColours’ Electric BlackElectric Yellow, Loving Green and Passionate Blue paint colours

Then add: Dial up phones, desk lamps, industrial pendant lights, copper pans, huge mirrors. 


Our Electric Yellow matt emulsion paint colour is so stimulating and energetic, you could probably charge your phone from it.
Our Electric Yellow paint colour is so stimulating and energetic, you could probably charge your phone from it.


We hope these handy tips and tricks have inspired you to look into Wes Anderson's whimsical filmography from a different angle and use it not just for pure cinematic pleasure but for interior inspiration too. Hey, everything's possible nowadays!


And, in case you need more help with choosing the right paint colour for your space, feel free to book a colour consultation with us and we’ll sort your colour puzzle in no time. Free option is available too!

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