period property interior photo with beige-coloured walls and sofa and artworks on the walls

3 Bridgerton-inspired interior colour schemes

By Emily Harnasz on

Dearest gentle reader, if you're not familiar with the hit Netflix series Bridgerton, firstly, where have you been? And secondly, you’re about to fall in love with everything that is Recencycore, period drama goodness. 

Bridgerton is set in the British Georgian era (1714-1837), known for its extravagant architecture, exquisite literature and captivating music, a time of great creativity if you will, and the show doesn’t hold back on showcasing the grandeur, elegance and glamour of the time.

With the recent release of season 3, we thought we’d channel our obsession into creating 3 Bridgerton-approved colour combinations inspired by some of the key characters of the show. Now you can have a slice of the Bridgerton magic in your own home.


period property interior photo with beige-coloured walls and sofa, blue curtains and artworks on the walls

Chic, elegant and almost otherworldly — the magic of the Netflix period drama Bridgerton and its clever use of colour bring us all the inspiration, especially when it comes to home decor and interior colour schemes. Photo: Netflix

Bridgerton Blues.

The Bridgertons, the family the entire show revolves around, are highly ranked members of society and a well respected family in the ton, and they display this through wearing and surrounding themselves with soft, pale shades, nothing garish or OTT, the epitome of class.

Our inspirational Rococo Rebels paint colour edit is the perfect example of the Bridgerton colour vibe. They especially love their signature blues, so to get the Bridgerton look, try a monochrome scheme by pairing our Fresh Cool White, Calming Blue and Serene Blue paint colours together and you’ll be sure to impress the other society subjects (or at least your mates).

Featherington Flair.

Whilst the Featheringtons are also well respected members of society, their taste lies more on the ‘go bold or go home’ side of the scale and they do not shy away from the more zingy things in life.

To recreate their style in your own home decor and interior colour palette, try a combo of our Passionate Pink, Electric Orange and Joyful Orange paint colours for a powerful and uplifting vibe that will be sure to get you noticed. You can always pop our zesty bright Electric Yellow paint in there... after all, why not — more is more when it comes to living the Featherington life.

Quirky Queen.

Though Bridgerton is a fictional tale, Queen Charlotte most certainly is not. Married to King George III, she was known for her love of the arts, botany and bringing the Christmas tree to England. Her depiction in the show is extravagant, flamboyant and quirky, a queen we can most certainly get on board with.

Charlotte inspires our Bridgerton home decor colour scheme of Fresh Pink, Joyful Lilac and Graceful Neutral to bring a sense of fresh playfulness and the blooming outdoors that she so loved.

If you fancy immersing yourself further into the Bridgerton universe, take a look at our blog post all about how Bridgerton inspired our home decor

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