photo of a living room with a rounded warm neutral sofa, peach coloured cushions, peach walls and an abstract artwork in peach and pink

How to use Pantone's Colour of the Year 2024 — Peach Fuzz — in your interior

By Elena Koycheva on
With the explosion of peach colour appreciation since Pantone announced its Colour of the Year for 2024 — Fuzzy Peach, it's not a surprise that peaches are the hot topic for interior designers, fashion lovers and design professionals right now.

As a paint brand ourselves, in the last couple of months we have seen a surge in preference for warmer tones, including our warm and creamy neutrals, so the light peach colour trend has come at the right time. We even managed to predict the Colour of the Year 2024 reveal minutes before its official announcement on Pantone's platforms. If you've been part of our colourful world for a while, you probably know that we don't follow trends and we never create colours based on current trends and/or events. Quite the opposite, our colour palette has been and always will be timeless and the different hues will speak to different people on different personal levels (especially considering their background, culture and personal style/taste/aesthetic). We just happen to be lucky to have quite a few peach paint colours in the YesColours palette... and who doesn't love a gentle peach colour after all?

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to style Pantone's Colour of the Year 2024 — Peach Fuzz — in your interior. Through our own colour palette, of course.


close up of a peachy coloured dandelion photographed on an abstract nature peach coloured background

According to Pantone, their Colour of the Year for 2024 — Peach Fuzz, is a velvety gentle peach whose all-embracing spirit enriches heart, mind, and body. 


Our peach paint colour palette has peach hues in various tones and vibrancy levels — from lighter pastels to deeper richer shades, so there is a shade for everyone. You can choose between our softest and lightest peach paint colour — the neutral Serene Peach, our closest match to Pantone's Colour of the Year 2024 — Fresh Peach, our comforting and optimistic Friendly Peach shade, or its muted, pale terracotta-like version — Calming Peach. And yes, we can confirm that all of them are absolutely delicious.


Serene Peach.


Serene Peach is the lightest peach in the YesColours paint colour palette, and it's a delicate hue that will add warmth to your room but still keep it feeling airy. This makes it a great colour to fully colour-drench a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

You can pair it with Calming Peach and Joyful Orange to create a tonal and cohesive interior palette or, if you're after a darker, earthy vibe, you can combine it with our Electric Orange and Loving Orange paint colours. This is what we call a FIRE colour combo.

For the brave souls out there, our Serene Peach pairs incredibly well with our zingy Electric Yellow colour, and for the ones into a relaxing, neutral colour palette, look no further than our Serene Neutral. After all, our paint colour collections are grouped by emotions so you can make sure that any Serene colour matches well the rest of our Serene Collection.


close up of a bedroom with peach coloured walls, dark teal headboard and bedding and cushions in pastel pink, peach and green colours

Our Serene Peach paint colour is so soft and subtle that it could easily be seen as a neutral hue. You can use it as a delicate backdrop for your furniture (especially if it's in bold colours) and as the perfect paint colour choice for any space where you'd like to feel calm and relaxed.


Fresh Peach.

Our Fresh Peach paint colour is perhaps the closest colour match to Pantone's Peach Fuzz, and it's the most popular peach paint colour in our palette. It's soft, it's versatile, and it looks different in every home or room, so you can make sure your space will always be unique. Are we allowed to say that it's magic? Well, there, we said it. It IS magic.

Fresh Peach is a pinky peach tone that works well with most of the colours on the colour wheel. Colour blocking with Fresh Peach as the base colour is a great colour balance formula, and will bring a soft touch even to the boldest interior colour palettes out there. It goes well with our Passionate Olive Green and Joyful Lilac colours (combine all three for a vibrant feelgood colour combo), as well as paired individually with our Fresh Aqua, Fresh Green and Passionate Teal paints.

Bonus points: combine Fresh Peach with our Electric Mint Green and Electric Blue paint colours for a Majorelle Garden-inspired palette. No wonder this is the favourite paint colour combo of our home decor community too.


corner of a snug room with vintage mustard yellow sofa chair and ottoman and split coloured wall in pastel peach and mint aqua green

Another iconic YesColours colour combo — Fresh Peach and Electric Aqua. So refreshing, especially for a living room or a snug.


Friendly Peach.

Our Friendly Peach paint colour is a deeper pastel and a bolder version of our Fresh Peach and a colour that has all the Miami beach vibrancy you could ever need. Not to mention, when the sunlight hits a colour like this, it almost glows...

Friendly Peach pairs well with our Fresh Lilac and Electric Mint Green for a bright but subtle pastel colour combo. You can consider using this peach hue as an accent colour with a warmer neutral with a creamy tone, such as our Graceful Neutral. It would also look great used on skirting boards, doors or even on the ceiling.


photo of a children's bedroom with a single bed decorated with teepee above it and a gallery wall with art prints positioned on a dark peach painted wall with polka dots

Our Friendly Peach is genuinely so friendly that it makes the perfect choice for children's (and adult, of course) bedrooms.


Calming Peach.

Our Calming Peach paint colour has a touch of black in it so it's not as vibrant as the other peaches and instead acts as a a more muted version of our Friendly Peach paint. Pair this hue with our Serene Blue and Mellow Yellow colours to create a fresh approach to a primary palette in a space.

To give you some inspiration, generally the peach colours go well with their complementary colours, such as blues and teals. They bring out the best in one another, so why not combine our Calming Peach with Fresh Aqua or Loving Teal for a little bit of Wes Anderson vibe?

Additionally, for a north facing room where there's less natural light and more shade, our Calming Peach colour and its collection sibling — Calming Neutral, are brilliant together. No cool tone in sight so you can enjoy a warm, cosy and comforting space, full of joy and personality.


photo of a living room with a rounded warm neutral sofa, peach coloured cushions, peach walls and an abstract artwork in peach and pink

Calming Peach for a calming space... yep, our math is correct. 


We hope these home decor tips have inspired you to embrace the Pantone Colour of the Year 2024 — Peach Fuzz — and introduce some soft peach paint colours to your interior and home decor palette. And, in case you still need some help, feel free to book a colour consultation with us and we’ll sort your colour puzzle in no time. Free option is available too!

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