light green coloured bedroom with a neutral ceiling, with seven botanical artworks placed on the main wall, surrounded by leafy plants and a grey and white queen sized bed with grey and bright orange cushions

5 blue and green paint colours for a relaxing bedroom

By Elena Koycheva on

Blue and green are notoriously peaceful and relaxing colours, and are often used as a first choice when it comes to painting your bedroom. Totally justified, if you ask us.

Even though we see these shades as a no brainer when we're on a mission to decorate a bedroom for relaxing and peaceful sleep, it's important to know that not every blue or green colour is the right fit for your idyllic slumber. Little details such as the direction that your bedroom is facing or the specific undertone of the colour you pick could make or break your zen bedroom design, so we're here to help you with the right blues and greens for any bedroom. Now breathe and get ready to absorb all the colour inspiration below.


Serene Blue.

Our Serene Blue paint colour is a soothing, pale grey blue shade that's the epitome of comfort and relaxation. It's no surprise that this is our first pick when it comes to creating a cosy and peaceful bedroom, both when it comes to nurseries and children's bedrooms and their adult versions.

Use this gentle blue colour all over your bedroom... and we mean, all of it. Ceiling, walls, woodwork... you could even upcycle your headboard or bedside tables with it to create a harmonious colour drenched atmosphere that will not only guarantee a peaceful night sleep but a refreshing morning too.


photo of a grey bed photographed on the bottom left corner of a light blue coloured wall, with white and bed bedding, a wooden bedside table and a hanging plant placed on top of it, with natural light coming in from a window on the right

Create the cosy bedroom of your dreams by colour drenching the entire room in our pale grey-blue Serene Blue paint colour.


Graceful Green.

Launched recently as part of our Graceful Collection, our Graceful Green paint colour is now officially one of our most popular green paint colours, due to its relaxing and comforting vibe. 

This soft sage green matt emulsion paint is the essence of tranquility, providing a renewed focus on wellness which brings a harmonious balance to any bedroom, no matter its size or furniture arrangement. It's zen, it's soothing and it brings us closer to nature... what's not to like here?


light green coloured bedroom with a neutral ceiling, with seven botanical artworks placed on the main wall, surrounded by leafy plants and a grey and white queen sized bed with grey and bright orange cushions

Our soothing Graceful Green paint colour pairs really well with the rest of our Graceful Collection and especially our Graceful Neutral paint colour, spotted on the ceiling in this relaxing, Biophilia-inspired bedroom. 


Serene Green.

Our Serene Green paint colour is so soft and gentle, it could almost be considered a neutral. With its delicate blue undertones, this pale YesColours paint shade combines the best of both worlds - green AND blue, making it the perfect choice for decorating a relaxing bedroom that would help you unwind after a long working day.

Wash this pale green paint colour all over your bedroom - on walls, ceiling and woodwork, to create a peaceful paradise that would definitely become your favourite room in your entire home.


photo of a small bedroom with grey-green bedding, geometric pattern in teal on neutral pillowcases, a muted green geometric line painted on a neutral wall behind the bed and a black window frame looking out at the natural sunlight

There's something about matching the colours on your walls with the colours of your bedding... or is it just us? Katie from @therowe has done an incredible job decorating her spare room with our Serene Green paint colour as an accent geometric pattern on the neutral walls... a proof that sometimes you don't need to go all the way to add a pop of colour to your home, especially if your style is usually neutral and minimalistic. 


Mellow Blue.

Our Mellow Blue paint colour is another recent addition to the YesColours paint colour palette. Part of our freshly launched Mellow Collection, this muted blue paint has vintage, heritage vibes and a tiny hint of grey that makes it a grounding, mature blue shade that's sophisticated and extremely elegant.

Use this grown up blue colour on all walls or just on one feature wall, or simply colour drench your entire bedroom with it, especially if it's small and compact. This would blur the lines between walls and ceiling and will create an optical illusion for a bigger space that's bright, airy and truly peaceful.

Bonus points: this stunning muted blue shade goes really well with rich reds, such as our Electric Red paint colour, as well as gold accessories and hardware. Let your imagination run wild with this one.


Photo of a spacious room with wooden bed placed in the middle, surrounded by low wooden bedside tables on each sides with small lamps placed on each of them, photographed in front of a muted blue wall with a white ceiling and a tiki rattan-inspired lampshade

Our Mellow Blue and Serene Neutral paint colours make the perfect colour combination for relaxing, peaceful bedrooms that ooze comfort, harmony and cosiness. What a bliss.


Loving Green.

Last but not least - let's have a look at our Loving Green paint colour. This is the darkest green shade in our paint colour palette and one of the favourite green paints amongst our home decor community. It's dark, saturated, rich and cocooning, which makes it the perfect choice for any bedroom - small or big.

Use this YesColours paint colour in your bedroom to create a comforting effect that will feel like a warm embrace from nature, especially after a long working day. Cosy is an understatement when it comes to this dark green paint... and yes, you can use it for colour drenching too. In fact, you simply must do that. Right now.


photo of a pale coloured bed placed on the right side of the frame, next to a vintage wooden mid-century style bedside table and a small table lamp placed on top of it next to a little stone sculpture, all photographed in front of a split coloured wall where the top part is a pale grey green colour and the bottom part is a dark green colour

The perfect colour match surely exists and it's right here: our Serene Green paint colour, paired with our Loving Green paint colour. Seriously, what's more relaxing and cocooning than this green colour duo? We love it.


There it is - our collection with top 5 green and blue paint colours for a relaxing bedroom. Hope you've found a little inspiration and a lot of motivation to grab the paint brush and start decorating.

And, in case you need more help with choosing the right paint colour for your space, feel free to book a colour consultation with us and we’ll sort your colour puzzle in no time. Free option is available too!

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