photo of olive green wall with a dark velvet green curtain showing on the left, with a pale skin hand coming out of the corner with dark green long nails, holding an olive that's dripping green paint onto a cocktail glass

How to create a spooky colour scheme for Halloween

By Emily Harnasz on

It's that time of year again when pumpkins light up the night, skeletons come out of closets, and sweets line every aisle of the supermarket… Yes, you guessed it – it's Halloween season! And what's Halloween without a dash of spookiness? To set that eerie mood, it's essential to nail your colour scheme. So let us walk you through the art of creating a spine-tingling, spooky colour palette that will leave you and your guests in awe.


Start with the classics.

We bet as soon as we said Halloween colour scheme, you immediately went to that iconic duo: black and orange. These two are the epitome of the spooky season so we couldn’t leave them out. Black works so well as a grounding tone for any Halloween inspired colour scheme as it represents the mystery of the night what could lie beyond, while orange symbolises the warmth of autumn leaves and carved out pumpkins (and millions of plastic rubbish in the stores but we’ll not talk about that...). Use black for backgrounds, and orange for accents to instantly invoke the Halloween spirit. Think our Electric Black and Mellow Orange paint colours for a more wholesome approach, or go all in with or Electric Orange paint colour for a full on Halloween vibe.

Oh, and by the way, orange and black as a colour combination don't have to be just for Halloween! Here are some tips and tricks on pairing these two colours together in your home colour scheme to enjoy them all year long.


Bewitching style.

If black and orange are not for you, let's go monochrome! Black and white are a timeless pairing and not just for Halloween, it’s a winner all year round in our opinion. It's elegant, it's striking, it's bold, what's not to love about this classic combo. Is anyone else singing the Funnybones intro?


Black and white monochrome interior paint inspiration
Black and white and spooky all over, thanks to our 'blackest black' Electric Black paint colour.


Blood-Red drama.

To introduce some intensity and drama, try adding deep red accents. Think vampires, werewolf eyes, witches nails and all things gory. Use it sparingly as a highlight in small areas, perhaps as accessories for your Halloween party to create a chilling contrast against the black and orange backdrop. Our Electric Red and Loving Orange paint colours are calling your name.


 Photo of a little jar with a sticker saying 'YesColours' filled with bright red paint and with its lid placed next to it, all photographed on a bright red background

Elegant or spooky? Or, how about both? You get everything at once with our Electric Red paint colour. 


Witch please.

The colours purple and green might seem like an unconventional pair, but they're perfect for Halloween. When we think of them together, we instantly think of Hocus Pocus’ Sanderson sisters in their intricate and textured gowns flowing in the night air. Purple adds a sense of mystery, often associated with magic and spiritualism, while green brings out a ghouly eerie vibe, so go for these shades for a more unique take on the season. Try our Loving Pink and Loving Green paint colours together in a maximalist dream, urgh it makes us SICK! (If you know, you know).


photo of olive green wall with a dark velvet green curtain showing on the left, with a pale skin hand coming out of the corner with dark green long nails, holding an olive that's dripping green paint onto a cocktail glass

Our stunning Passionate Olive Green paint colour is such a vibe, especially during the spooky Halloween season.


Ice cold feels.

Don't forget about shades of blue! While not as commonly associated with Halloween, cool blue colours can add a chilling, otherworldly feel to your colour scheme. Set the scene of a dark, stormy evening where the grey clouds roll in and the bird flies on the wind and the shadows start to form. For best effect, we’d suggest running with this theme completely and going for a tonal mix of blue and grey paint colours everywhere for a cold and embracing experience.

But, remember, there are really no strict rules when it comes to creating a spooky colour scheme for Halloween. Feel free to experiment and let your creativity run wild. Our sample pots are a great way to do this on a budget, so get crafty with this year's Halloween decorations and let your home join the dark side. After all, Halloween is all about having fun and embracing the spooky side of life.

Bonus round: here's how you can paint pastel coloured pumpkins like Maitri from @honeyidressedthepug and Emily from Doodlemoo, a stunning coral-coloured gold leaf pumpkin like Clare (hello, Malagasy Coral!), DIY bobbin picture frame or Day of the Dead-inspired skulls transformed with our inspirational Mexico edit. And, if you can't get enough of Halloween paint colour combinations, our Lead Colour Consultant - Emily, has five witchy colour combos that you'll absolutely love. Guaranteed.


In case you need more help with choosing the right paint colour for your space, feel free to book a colour consultation with us and we’ll sort your colour puzzle in no time. Free option is available too!

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