How Bridgerton inspired our home decor

How Bridgerton inspired our home decor

By Iona Bower on

The Netflix TV series, based on the novels by Julia Quinn, is almost solely responsible for the Regencycore aesthetic taking off. The look is all about decadence and drama, incorporating grand style and delicious details. And balls. Lots of balls. Here’s all you need to bring a little Bridgerton to your home. 


The YesColours Rococo Rebels paint edit 

Use Regency paint colours.

The iconic ‘palette’ of the Bridgertons’ house is mostly muted pastels, from mints and blues to pinks and greens, and - of course - beautiful Wedgwood Blue. That palette is all there in the YesColours Rococo Rebels collection. Invest in a paint sample set and experiment with the dusky pinks of Lady Danbury’s house and the cool greens of the Featherington Estate, to Bridgerton Blue itself to find the right shades for your rooms. Try Friendly PinkSerene Green or Serene Blue.


The YesColours Rococo Rebels paint edit was inspired by the stories of Marie Antoinette.

The YesColours Rococo Rebels paint edit was inspired by the stories of Marie Antoinette.

Embrace the chintz.

Pattern of all varieties is what you’re looking for, from florals to Chinoiserie. Go big with patterned wallpapers or flouncy curtains, or nod to pattern with a few scatter cushions. Take a look at Surfaceview’s Bridgerton collection,Think feminine and don’t be frightened to be a bit much. As Lady Danbury said: “I have loved. I have lost. I have earned the right to do whatever I please, whenever I please, and however I please to do it.” And that includes chintzy curtains.


Make more of your mantelpiece.

Well, where else are you going to display your invitation to The Queen’s Ball to its best effect? A mantelpiece isn’t just for steadying oneself upon receiving bad news, you know. 

Dress your mantelpiece with Regencycore paraphernalia, from candlesticks and cigar boxes to antique glassware and a nice bit of Wedgwood


Give drapes some drama.

The curtains in Bridgerton are practically minor characters. Look for sumptuous fabrics such as velvet and silk, which drape dramatically and pick ‘full’ curtains which will give you lots of nice, heavy folds. You’re looking for curtains that look as though they could easily conceal at least one person, waiting to eavesdrop on your conversation and then lay bare your secret scandal to the world. And remember, curtains aren’t just for huge, Regency windows; curtains can also be employed to conceal an ugly set of shelves, or to frame your passionate lovemaking to a Duke around your heavily overdressed bed. 


Escape to your ‘club’.

Whether you’re a gentleman or not, we all need a ‘club’ to escape to when the going gets tough. Create a corner of your home for such eventualities with rich leather armchairs, dark wood furniture, plenty of candles and chandeliers and lots of delicate details. Ensure you have the wherewithal to whip up a whisky and club soda at a moment’s notice, too, with a pretty drinks cabinet.


Be ready for callers.

You simply never know when someone might drop in to share some gossip from the London social scene or to dissect the events of last night’s dance. Design your living room to encourage socialising with symmetrical seating arrangements either side of a large coffee table, rather than pointing at the TV. Small inlaid wood side tables give everyone somewhere to put their tea cup. And don’t forget the fresh flowers in every room. If that’s a stretch, make a nod to floral arrangements with something longer lasting, or perhaps a floral pattern on your soft furnishings to tone in with your muted pastel walls. 

Eavesdropping by Vittorio Reggianini

Eavesdropping by Vittorio Reggianini


With a bit of 1800s style and plenty of Regency attitude you can fill your home with all the Bridgerton drama. 

We hope these handy home decor tips have inspired you to dive deeper into the world of Bridgerton. And if you need any help with choosing the colours for your space, simply book a colour consultation with us and we'll sort your colour puzzle in no time. It's easy, it's fun... and there's a free option available too.

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