bright and airy kitchen with kitchen cabinets and utility storage painted in mint green and a vibrant kitchen island painted in bubblegum pink

How to use vibrant green colours in your home

By Elena Koycheva on

We love a zingy vibrant green paint colour and we have an incredible selection of mood-boosting greens in the YesColours palette. From our springtime favourite — Fresh Green, through our Friendly Green and Joyful Green, all the way to one of our ultimate bestsellers — Electric Mint Green, there's a bold and juicy green paint colour for every aesthetic, style and personality. And, of course, we have our more mature greens for a little grown up colour palette or for balancing out neutral hues.

Even though it's quite easy to fall in love with a zingy green, incorporating this shade in your interior palette can sometimes be a tough job. Worry not though — our Lead Colour Consultant — Emily, is here with some handy colour advice on how to use bright and bold green paint colours in your home.


bright and airy kitchen with kitchen cabinets and utility storage painted in mint green and a vibrant kitchen island painted in bubblegum pink


Dopamine Decor: the kitchen edition. A bright, bold and zingy colour combination of our Electric Mint Green paint colour and our Joyful Pink paint colour, both in eggshell finish.


The best approach to introducing zingy green paint shades to your home decor is to use them in spaces where you'd intentionally like to feel more energetic and uplifted. Or, alternatively, use these paint colours in spaces where you usually don't spend too much time in, such as bathrooms, utility rooms, downstairs loos, home offices and children's playrooms. Anywhere that you'd like to feel more energised and recharged but without feeling too overwhelmed.

Emily's advising to steer clear of using these green paint colours in restful spaces, such as bedrooms or living rooms, unless you find these particular colours restful. You know what we like to say here at YesColours — you do you.

Another way you could introduce a zingy vibrant green paint colour into your home decor is by using it in small splashes as an accent colour on woodwork, for upcycling furniture, or perhaps just on a few walls or to create a zoning area. This is a handy approach for using bold greens and something which would make the use of these zingy hues effective in every room and every home.

We hope these little tips and tricks have inspired you to use our zingy green paint colour palette in your own space. Remember — no colour is intimidating unless you want it to be... so grab that paint roller of yours and start experimenting with more colour and more joy around you. Your future you (and your future walls) will thank you later.

And if you need any help with choosing the colours for your space, simply book a colour consultation with us and we'll sort your colour puzzle in no time. It's easy, it's fun... and there's a free option available too.

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