Pink bedroom with green velvet bed and symmetrical lighting and doors.

Decorating your home in the style of a Wes Anderson movie

By Emily Harnasz on

Unless you're not particularly fond of Instagram and TikTok, you’ll likely have seen the onslaught of Wes Anderson inspired content gracing social media in the last few months, and quite honestly, we couldn’t be more here for it! And not meaning to brag but we have an entire edit dedicated to the colours from his classic film The Grand Budapest Hotel; Art Nouveau, so really we’re way ahead of the curve…

As with many popular trends, these things seep into all areas of culture; fashion, art, food, travel, and of course our fave, home decor! 

So how can you decorate your home with the gloriously whimsical, retro charm of a Wes Anderson movie? Let us tell you how.


Colour is key.

Wes Anderson movies are renowned for their carefully curated colour schemes, iconic if you will, so incorporate a palette of pastel hues, muted tones, and pops of vibrant colour to really embrace this aesthetic. Think dusty pinks, mustard yellows, cool blues, rich greens and energetic reds or if you’re wanting some YesColours specific inspo, try our Joyful Pink, Calming Blue and Fresh pink paint colours for a Grand Budapest vibe, or our Serene Peach, Electric Yellow and Loving Orange paints for a nod to the Fantastic Mr Fox. No more white wash, turn up the saturation on those colours and use them everywhere, no half measures here, go all in splashing that colour on walls, ceilings, woodwork and furniture, leaving no surface forgotten.


A bright teal room with sofa with a nautical feel

A vibrant and visually-rich Yes Colours interior setup with the Anderson Aesthetic. Achieve this look with our Joyful Aqua paint colour and a hint of our cheerful Joyful Orange shade.


Symmetry and balance.

Wes Anderson's films feature symmetrical compositions throughout, so emulate this in your home by arranging furniture, artwork, and decorative items in a balanced manner. Think cleverly placed gallery walls featuring quirky illustrations or symmetrically placed ornaments on shelves and mantels. Even elements like cushions and throws can be used to bring balance to your space. Have fun and enjoy the playful touch it will bring.


Pink and green paint combination - side of bed with cushions
A YesColours' Joyful Pink and Passionate Olive Green-painted bedroom haven inspired by Wes Anderson and his whimsical movies.

Vintage finds.

Nothing says Wes Anderson nostalgia like thrifted items, so keep your eyes peeled for mid-century modern furniture (looking at you G Plan), vintage wallpapers, antique telephones, old school cameras, or fun knick-knacks that reflect the era and style that also inspires you, AND they're usually half the price so better on the purse strings too, win win!


Patterns and textures.

Wes Anderson loves to layer, both in scenery and in character, so incorporate playful patterns and textures into your decor. Look for wallpapers and fabrics with bold prints like florals and geometrics, as well as vintage inspired sofas and chairs adorning these patterns too. Mix and match to create visual interest, add personality to your space and capture the true essence of Wes Anderson's set designs.


Attention to detail.

There’s nothing that isn’t meticulously considered when it comes to a classic Wes movie, so pay close attention to the small things. Consider adding cleverly placed light fixtures, personal trinkets and collectable items, scented candles to set the right mood and plants chosen to aid wellbeing. This level of detail not only feels perfectly on brand, it's also what makes a house a home, so sweat the small stuff.

The main elements to consider when embracing the Wes vibes are colour, symmetry and saturation, if you nail this you’ll be sure to feel like you're living on a movie set everyday, after all it’s a Wes world, we're just living in it.

We hope these Wes Anderson inspired home decor tips have motivated you to dive deeper into the world of colour and symmetry. And if you need any help with choosing the colours for your space, simply book a colour consultation with us and we'll sort your colour puzzle in no time. It's easy, it's fun... and there's a free option available too.

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