photo of a nursery with walls painted in lilac and wooden panelling painted in mint green colour, with a sleeping cot on the right side, mint green radiator in the middle and a wooden dresser on the left

5 paint colours that put the ‘Dopamine’ in ‘Dopamine Decor’

By Emily Harnasz on

Are you ready to inject some serious feelgood vibes into your space? Well, get ready to fully embrace the power of ‘Dopamine Decor’ with five paint colours guaranteed to boost your mood and elevate your home to new heights of pure joy.

But first, let's start with the basics.

What is ‘Dopamine Decor’, we hear you cry. Well, it's all about creating a home that is full of colours, textures, objects and styles that bring you happiness. And whilst it's generally about doing so boldly and vibrantly, with this interior trend you should ultimately follow your heart. So do you, friend.

To help you embrace the dopamine decor movement in your own home, we've put together a little list with 5 paint colours that put the 'Dopamine' in 'Dopamine Decor'. Here they are.

Sunny yellow.

Let's kick things off with the ultimate mood lifter – yellow! This vibrant hue is like a ray of sunshine, instantly brightening up any room and infusing it with warmth, positivity, and energy. Whether you opt for a soft buttery yellow like our Fresh Yellow paint colour or a bold, citrusy shade like our Passionate Yellow paint colour, painting your walls (or ceiling) in this cheerful shade will create a sense of joy and optimism that's totally contagious — in a good way, just to be clear.


colourful dining room with a bright yellow and white wall, pink and aqua coloured geometrical table, purple carpet and an architecture photography print hanging on the wall


The ultimate Dopamine Decor colour combination photographed in our Miami-inspired dining room. Say hello to our Fresh Yellow, Friendly Pink, Electric Hot White and Fresh Aqua paint colours, all paired together. What a joy!

Lively coral.

Next up, a colour that exudes happiness and vitality in abundance — the mighty, well-loved coral. And in this case, we're specifically talking about our Joyful Orange and Malagasy Coral paint colours as stunning coral contenders. These vibrant blends of pink and orange are perfect for adding a playful pop of colour to your walls, creating a lively atmosphere that's perfect for socialising, entertaining, or simply brightening up your day.


pink coral watermelon coloured walls in a living room, with a coral coloured abstract art print on the wall and a pink sofa and a teal green vase and side table underneath


Watermelon sugar... walls. Yes, our watermelon coral pink paint colour — Malagasy Coral, created in collaboration with Sisi Alfred @homewithsisi will give you that juicy high you've been waiting for... and will bring that much-needed summer feelin' to your home and keep it there, all year long.

Energetic aqua.

Dive into the refreshing waters of energetic aqua and let your creativity flow! The colour aqua is an invigorating mix of blue-green that’s like a breath of fresh air, creating feelings of serenity and motivation. To incorporate these vibes into your home and interior, try our Joyful Aqua and Electric Aqua paint colours for injecting that dopamine decor hit. They are perfect for home offices, creative studios, or any space where you need a burst of inspiration.


lido inspired living room in Wes Anderson style with aqua coloured walls, teal sofa and nautical home decor accessories


This bold and vibrant aqua hue is easily spotted in many Wes Anderson film colour palettes... which was the precise inspiration behind this lido living room photograph. Joyful Aqua and Joyful Orange... what's more 'dopamine decor' than this?

Blissful lavender.

Lilac hues such as our Graceful Lilac and Fresh Lilac paint colours are known for their calming and stress-relieving properties, whilst also being able to provide a little hint of uplift due to their energising red base. This makes the colour lilac ideal for bedrooms, meditation spaces, or anywhere you want to promote relaxation and tranquillity. 


photo of a nursery with walls painted in lilac and wooden panelling painted in mint green colour, with a sleeping cot on the right side, mint green radiator in the middle and a wooden dresser on the left


Can't decide between aqua and lilac? Well, why don't you use both? Our Fresh Lilac and Electric Aqua paint colours not only create an (un)surprisingly good colour combination, but they're also both energising, uplifting and the perfect choice for all dopamine decor lovers.


Cheerful mint green.

Last but not least, we have one of our best selling paint colours here — our zingy Electric Mint Green — the perfect antidote to dull and dreary days. This refreshing and uplifting hue instantly revitalises any room, infusing it with a sense of freshness, vitality, and positivity. This is a great YesColours paint colour to pair with our iconic Electric Blue and Fresh Peach shades for a happiness hit like no other. 


bedroom corner with walls in bright mint green colour, bright orange coloured curtains on the right and a typography art print on the left reading 'you got this'


Yes. You and our dopamine-infused Electric Mint Green paint colour definitely got this. Perfect colour choice from Flo @florisinaforest.


So there you have it – five paint colours that are guaranteed to put the ‘Dopamine’ in ‘Dopamine Decor’ and turn your home into a haven of utter happiness and positivity. Now go ahead, grab a paint brush, and let the dopamine flow!

And if you need any help with choosing the colours for your space, simply book a colour consultation with us and we'll sort your colour puzzle in no time. It's easy, it's fun... and there's a free option available too.

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