home office interior setting with a wooden desk with metal legs, white chair with a faux sheep skin throw, gallery wall and dark teal painted wall behind the furniture

5 paint colours for a cosy home office

By Emily Harnasz on

Are you craving a change of scenery in your work from home life but can’t justify the constant visits to Starbucks, spending your wages on Caramel Macchiato or embarking on an entire career 180 every few months?

Well, don’t panic because we’re here to help! Thankfully, all it’s going to take is a fresh lick of paint to reignite the love for your WFH space and even get you more productive and creative in the process. You are welcome (and next coffee is on you!).

Here are our top five YesColours paint colours for a cosy home office.


home office interior setting with a wooden desk with metal legs, white chair with a faux sheep skin throw, gallery wall and dark teal painted wall behind the furniture

Our Loving Teal paint colour might be quite dark and saturated, but its blue and green tones make it a perfect colour choice for a home office.


Warm neutrals.

When we say 'warm neutrals', think soft beiges and muted browns. We're looking at you, Graceful Neutral and Mellow Neutral! These cosy neutral colours provide a grounding effect that promotes clarity and a space that is warm and inviting. Even better, put these tones on all surfaces (walls & ceiling) for a sense of calm for the eyes that will allow you to zone in on the task in hand rather than your surroundings. Less distraction, more transitions, cha-ching... ok, we’ll stop. Pair these warm neutral shades with natural wood furniture and plenty of greenery to create a serene oasis that you’ll fall in love with over and over.

Soft blues.

We don’t know about you, but we need all the help we can get lowering our blood pressure during the working day and we can always embrace the perks of better performance and a clear state of mind, can’t we? Luckily, there's the perfect YesColours paint colour for this. Enter Serene Blue. The relaxing connotations of such pale blue hue and its ability to aid concentration makes this a clear winner for any home office and, because it's so gentle, you can pop this everywhere for a super easy spruce up too. Music to our ears. 

Grassy greens.

We definitely aren’t the first to say this but, being in nature helps to manage stress and improve well-being. Unfortunately, not all of us are able to take advantage of it throughout our working day... so why not bring the outside to you and paint your work-from-home space with the peaceful and calming effects of grassy greens? Our Calming Green and Mellow Green paint colours would be a great place to start to inject some good chi into your day. You could then use their neutral companions Calming Neutral and Mellow Neutral to accompany them on ceilings and woodwork. We can almost smell the freshly cut grass from here. 


neutral coloured wall with olive green coloured ceiling above it, decorated with a gallery wall with different art prints, a mid century style sideboard and wooden floor

Proof that Emily — our Lead Colour Consultant and the one behind these tips practices what she preaches. Here's her own home office in Scotland, decorated with our Serene Neutral paint on the walls and Passionate Olive Green paint on the ceiling. Isn't it gorgeous?

Sunshine yellow.

Now, we aren’t suggesting you use a yellow paint colour everywhere, as it can get rather intense (unless you like that vibe of course — you do you!). Instead, placing a dose of yellow perhaps behind your desk, on the ceiling or to zone a few walls means you can benefit from its positive energy in a controlled and effective way. Try our Calming Yellow and Fresh Yellow paint colours for this style and pair them with an off white shade like Passionate Warm White for a considered and comfortable approach to home working.

Light lilacs.

Lilac is having its moment right now, and, although we aren’t one to promote trends, this is a colour we can get behind for the long term, as well as celebrating it in its heyday. The great thing about the softer lilac paint colours in the YesColours palette — Graceful Lilac and Fresh Lilac, is that they aren’t too overpowering, but still provide a dash of colour to make you feel comforted and at ease. Then you're also free to accessorise to your heart's content. Easy!

We hope these interior tips and tricks have inspired you to give your home office some love in a way that supports both your productivity and overall wellbeing as well as just looking damn right amazing. And if you need any help with choosing the colours for your space, simply book a colour consultation with us and we'll sort your colour puzzle in no time. It's easy, it's fun... and there's a free option available too.

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