multiple home decor and DIY objects - paint roller, paint brush, as well as small objects in various shapes, all painted in ultramarine blue colour and arranged around a white pouch with logo YesColours

5 DIY and upcycling ideas with our Electric Blue paint colour

By Iona Bower on

If, like thousands of other home decorators, you’re a bit in love with our velvety Electric Blue paint shade but would like more ideas, hold our paintbrush… We have lots of inspiration for new ways to use this iconic colour and to pretty up some less-loved pieces about your home along the way.

Here’s how to use our ultramarine blue bestseller - our Electric Blue paint colour, for upcycling and DIY projects.


A photograph of multiple home decor and DIY objects - paint roller, paint brush, as well as small objects in various shapes, all painted in ultramarine blue colour and arranged around a white pouch with logo 'YesColours', all photographed in front of an ultramarine blue background

The ultimate bestseller in the YesColours paint colour palette - our Electric Blue colour. Now available for interior and exterior projects. Photography by Veega Studio.


Bedside manners.

A hit of blue either side of the bed is guaranteed to wake you up in the morning. A simple pair of bedside tables, drenched in Electric Blue, will add deep colour and velvety texture to the bedroom or boudoir. Quirky doorknobs in metal or a contrasting shade will finish your bedside tables beautifully. Or bluetifully.


bedroom photo of a bed placed on the right side with one ultramarine blue and one middle-eastern inspired pattern pillows, white sheet and aqua coloured throw, photographed in front of a geometric-shaped wallpaper in red and white and a bedside table painted in a ultramarine blue colour and decorated with a large circle teal vase on top

Ultramarine blue magic like no other... in the shape of interior paint. Our Creative Director and Co-Founder - Emma @moveovermagnolia has upcycled this bedside table (and one of her candle holders) in Electric Blue and now it looks so vibrant that it's almost surreal. This is how impactful this paint colour is. No filter needed.


Lightbulb moment.

Give a lamp base that lacks a little something a glow-up. Any stone lamp base will shine a little brighter with an injection of colour but a base with a talking point, like this eye-catching ‘mouse’ lamp will become a true conversation piece in Electric Blue, taking it from Stuart Little to Mighty Mouse!


photo of a fireplace surrounding in white moving to a white-painted wall with an ultramarine blue-painted mouse figurine holding a circle light bulb

Meet Elvis, the Electric Blue upcycled lamp of our own Lead Colour Consultant - Emily @swishcolour. Isn't he stunning?


Feather your nest.

A nest of tables is always a welcoming sight when you arrive at a friend’s for drinks. No balancing your glass on your knee all evening. No wondering when the beetroot crisps will be passed within your reach again… Simply place yourself within arm’s length of a small but beautiful table and admire the Electric Blue legs, and amazing patterned tabletops. (Assuming you’re at @raymondrose ‘s house, of course, where Electric-Blue-nest-of-tables dreams become reality).

Nests of tables are easily picked up in charity shops if you don’t have one ready to be upcycled. If this one looks a little beyond your masking tape skills, you could simply sand the table tops and paint the legs blue. Or go for a Scandi ‘dipped’ look and paint the legs only part-way up. OR… or… stay with us here… mix and match Electric Blue legs with some Friendly Peach legs for a pretty contrast. Oh yes, you SHOULD. 


upcycled nest of mid-century tables in white, ultramarine blue and hot pink colours, arranged together on a pebble surfaced and in front of a brick wall

One of our most favourite upcycling projects - Kelly @raymondrose's Electric Blue painted nest of mid-century decor tables. Kelly has not only injected a breath of new life into these tables - she practically took them into another dimension. What a glorious project!

Knock on heaven's door.

Give an interior door a hint of Narnia magic or Wonderland wonder by painting it Electric Blue. Who could resist pushing THAT door back to see what lies beyond? If you’re careful, you won’t even need to take the door off its hinges. We recommend doing both sides of the door as well as the trims, and the frame, for an eye-poppingly blue entrance.

You can always pick out panels, trims, or other details in a second colour. We like pairing Electric Hot White or Electric Aqua with our Electric Blue.


close up of a wall and a wooden door all painted in the same ultramarine blue colour

Haters would say this is Photoshop... but, guess what? It absolutely isn't. Our Electric Blue paint doesn't need a filter or any editing - Kieran and Harriet from @nothingoddabout7 can confirm that.


Take this outside.

We love the Majorelle Garden look with the warmth of a thousand toasters and YesColours’ Electric Blue is The Best Match for it. But if you aren’t ready (or your neighbours aren’t ready) for a full-on Electric Blue outdoor wall, buy a few terracotta pots and paint them Blue, Blue, Electric Blue, getting that thick, velvety paint right into every nook and cranny. Just choose our Masonry Paint when buying and your blue will be as hardy and weather-fast as the British climate needs it to be. 


closeup of a big terracotta plant pot painted in ultramarine blue paint colour and photographed in the middle of a home garden, surrounded by greenery on the left side and a brick wall on the right side

The perfect garden project, and on a budget too - upcycling plant pots with our Electric Blue. Okay, we didn't mean for this to rhyme but, what can we say, if it works - it works. Upcycled terracotta plant pot courtesy of our Co-Founder Em @moveovermagnolia.


Need even more inspiration? Our TikTok has it all, promise. Tune in for easy DIY project ideas, upcycling tutorials, paint hacks and lots and lots of colour and interior advice.


We hope these home decor tips have inspired you to get your hands on our bestselling Electric Blue paint colour and try it yourself. And hey, if you still need some help, feel free to book a colour consultation with us and we’ll sort your colour puzzle in no time. Free option is available too!

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