photo of a mid-length haired spaniel dog, sat on top of a colourful geometric rug in between two wooden desk legs with slats, posing next to a blue pouch, two small glass jars in blue and yellow and two paint brushes

Celebrating International Dog Day with our furry community

By Elena Koycheva on

Just like this time last year, we're dedicating the 26th of August to the furry YesColours community, our best friends and partners in crime, fun and colourful (and happy) living. Happy International Dog Day from our team and the helpers of our home decor community... shall we introduce you to some of them? Actually, no need to answer that, here they are.



Merla is the furry companion of the talented Jessica Sowerby from @thehousethatcolourbuilt and her partner - Ricky. What a babe!


photo of a small long-haired dog in black and white, standing on top of an orange geometric pattern rug and photographed in front of a wall painted in pastel pink and blue skirting boards

Merla is proudly posing in Jess' home office, decorated with our Calming Pink and Calming Blue paint colours. What a dog. What a palette.



Barbara is so badass that she definitely makes a great pair with our edgy, otherworldly and insanely cool Electric Blue paint colour. She doesn't look particularly excited in her model role but we love her vibe anyway.


photo of a black pug, standing on a wooden surface and photographed in front of a ultramarine blue dark wall

Barbara photographed in front of her favourite Barbara Blue (as named by her owner Leah @leah.mcclelland) background. Our Electric Blue paint surely makes a stunning backdrop for humans and dogs alike.




Who doesn't know Rupert, really? He's the child of our own Lead Colour Consultant - Emily @houseofharnasz and makes regular guest appearances on our Instagram and TikTok profiles. Not to mention he creates his own colour combinations too! What can we say... like mother, like son.


 photo of a sand coloured spaniel dog, sitting on top of a colourful geometric rug and in front of a dark blue fireplace, white wall and wooden rocking chair to the right, with a hand with a green sleeve reaching out to him holding three colourful circles in peach and lilac

Just like his mother, Rupert also likes creating colour combos (even though his face expression on that photo says otherwise). Check out his latest Miami-inspired colour combination here.



Helen is such a stunning lady and, as her owner - Ashley @ashprime1, would refer to her, 'the apple of his eye'. She clearly makes a great model too and the way she complements our Mellow Orange paint colour on the walls is simply flawless.


photo of a fluffy dark brown dog sitting on a wooden bench next to a tall leafy plant, photographed in front of an orange coloured wall

Helen and our Mellow Orange paint surely make the perfect pair. Not a bad colour combo either!



Such a good boy. So good that he's happy to help not only with your dinner, but with your weekend decorating plans too. His mum Hola @hosky_r is definitely lucky with a charming guy like him.


photo of a sand coloured Labrador dog photographed in front of a leafy green garden with concrete tiles, holding a paint brush between his teeth and posing next to a small jar filled with light blue paint with 'yescolours' logo on it

Floyd's reminder: always get a paint sample before you commit to the paint colour. What a wise boy.



Meet Ari - the most popular pug in New York City, and certainly the most fashionable one too. His mum - Maitri @honeyidressedthepug makes sure he's surrounded by colour and funky homeware items all the time, and their matching outfits simply melt our hearts every time we see them.


photo of a pug dog, lying on a bed with beige-coloured bedsheets, floral duvet, mint green pillow and a colourful flower-shaped pillow in pink, lilac, green, red and orange, photographed in front of a checkerboard pattern wall in pink and lilac

Ari caught mid-snooze in Maitri's bedroom, decorated with a statement wall in checkerboard pattern painted with our Friendly Pink and Joyful Lilac paint colours.



One of our first dog models, Greg's dedication (in exchange for treats, of course) got him posing for quite a while in front of a wall painted in our Serene Blue paint colour. What do we say, shall we give him a commission for every Serene Blue paint pouch or sample pot sold? We thought so.


photo of a young basset hound dog, posing on an all-light blue background and next to a small glass jar filled with light blue paint with 'yescolours' logo

Greg and his Serene Blue sample pot - a match made in heaven. Don't read the message on his collar... we've warned you.



Oh, to be a dog that belongs to a YesColours team member... Benz is facing a life that's simultaneously a blessing and a curse - you get to sleep a lot during team meetings but you're also forced to be the backdrop of our Designers Fandecks and Swatch Keyrings... He's not complaining though, and neither is his dad - Julio.


photo of a sleeping beagle dog, lying on a green-grey sofa with a floral pillow and with a colourful fan deck placed on top of it

Benz proudly (and sleepily) representing our Designers Fandeck




Look closely enough and you'll spot the pup. Here's Bambi, surrounded by our Friendly Pink paint colour on the walls and photographed by his part-time carer - Georgie @georgiewebart.


photo of a living room with pink walls and orange coloured mural, with a disco ball on the wooden floor reflecting the natural light on the walls, grey sofa and colourful pink and blue throw

Living room goals. You're definitely lucky, Bambi!




This stunning boy definitely deserves a reward or two. Treats our our Swatch Keyring? We'll let his mum Victoria @victoriawilliams._ decide.


photo of a dalmatian dog standing on a wooden floor with a nature-coloured rectangular rug and looking up to a hand holding a keyring with paint colour swatches

Sadly our product range doesn't include dog treats but you can surely get our Swatch Keyring from us. Your dog might not appreciate it but you definitely will.


And, of course, we couldn't resist but share our team members Emily and Julio with their furry children. Enjoy the cute photos below and go hug your dog (or someone else's dog... who cares?) right now. Happy International Dog Day from us!


photo of a woman with long bob haircut and green jumper, photographed in front of a neutral wall with a tall plant and paper colour cuttings and holding a sand coloured spaniel dog dressed in a colourful lilac, black and aqua jumper

Our Lead Colour Consultant - Emily, and her dog Rupert.


Photo of a man dressed in black with slick black hair and handlebar moustache, holding a yawning sand coloured beagle dog and lying on a dark navy sofa surrounded by yellow cushions

Our Commercial Projects Lead - Julio, and his dog Benz.


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