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3 colour palettes for a jungle-themed children's bedroom

By Elena Koycheva on

Let's bust this decorating myth: children's bedrooms are notoriously hard to decorate. This is absolutely and utterly not true. In fact, all you need is a little bit of imagination and you'll be able to create the perfect space for your little one. Bonus points if you engage them in the planning and decorating process too.

All children are different and this applies to their personalities and interests too. Some are into sports, others thrive in an artistic environments... and some are so charmingly wild at heart that you can't help but make their space as playful and adventurous as possible. If your kid is full of life and energy, we guarantee you'll love these three paint colour palettes... and yes, you can play around with different colour combinations and colour proportions... or even steal them for your own bedroom.

Earlier this month, we've collaborated with the wonderful children's bedding and home decor brand Pea to deliver inspiration and create a dreamy space for little and big adventurers alike. Inspired by their Jungle Bedding Set, our Lead Colour Consultant - Emily, has created three paint colour combinations that are bold, playful and full of energy. Just like every kid. Let's get creative.


photo of a sleeping kid in a colourful dark green bedding, photographed in a bed positioned in front of a dark green wall

Inspired by Pea's 'Jungle' bedding set, we've created three adventurous colour combinations to help you decorate a jungle-themed children's bedroom.


Sky and land: Friendly Blue, Loving Green and Passionate Warm White.

This colour combination simply does what it says on the tin (or, as we like to say - the paint pouch). If you're looking for a universal colour combination that could encompass all our surroundings and make your kid feel as if they're sleeping in a cosy, comfy jungle - 'Sky and land' has it all.

Our Friendly Blue paint colour in this colour combo serves as a representation for the blue sky in the great outdoors. In fact, one of the main inspirations behind this paint colour is exactly that - pale blue skies, alongside glacial blue icebergs, or a stylish Figaro passing you by on a London summer's day. Friendly Blue is a paint colour you won't be able to resist, and we're sure your little one will feel the same.

Our Loving Green paint colour represents the land. It's a dark, earthy, soothing colour that reminds us of lush trees, Kente fabric weaves, Ethiopian embroidery and, in a nutshell, everything nature-related. In the words of Claire, Pea's Co-Founder,

"this deep green colour is a Pea colour through and through, and it's reminding me of our Treetops bedding set too".

If you're following us on Instagram, you probably already know that Friendly Blue and Loving Green is a colour combination very close to Emily, our Lead Colour Consultant's heart. She's even upcycled her office console table with these two colours and you can see what they look like paired together here.

To balance these two colours, Emily has added our Passionate Warm White colour in the mix, which you could use however and as much as you like within your children's bedroom, especially if you'd like to keep the space more minimalistic and pared back. 

Bonus idea: embrace your creativity and paint half of the wall (the top part) including the ceiling Friendly Blue and the other half (the bottom part) Loving Green. That way the blue colour will mimic the sky and the deep Loving Green shade will add a healthy dose of nature in the room by representing the greenery in the jungle. And if you're not that brave, a Passionate Warm White ceiling is an option too!


a graphic of three circles in different colours - dark green, bright blue and muted white

Sky and land - the perfect colour combination for colour blocking and bringing a natural (literally) feel to the children's bedroom.


Tropicana: Joyful Green, Passionate Teal, Electric Yellow.

Now, this is what we call an exotic colour pairing. Tropicana is a bold, bright and energetic colour combination that will not only refresh any children's bedroom, but will also bring it to life with its funky hues and wonderfully wild and juicy vibe.

'Tropicana's main cheerleader is our incredibly vibrant Electric Yellow paint colour. This is our sulphur, chartreuse yellow paint colour with a green undertone to add that zesty zing we all need in our lives.

Next in line is our Joyful Green paint colour, which you could use as generously as you like to, all over the space. Think of all the walls and potentially on some upcycled pieces of furniture too.

To ground the scheme, Emily has added our Passionate Teal paint colour, which you could use on the ceiling to create a restful atmosphere for the kids, especially when it's time to sleep. 

One thing to keep in mind with the 'Tropicana' colour combo is that you'll need to pay attention to the colour proportions and how you actually use these colours. This applies mostly to our fun, vibrant and zingy Electric Yellow, which, even though it's a phenomenal colour on its own, could be quite overwhelming when used in large quantities within a space.

Emily's top tip: use Electric Yellow on woodwork or to upcycle a piece of furniture your kid's bedroom. Essentially, treat it as the accent colour to this palette. This way the room will remain fun and vibrant, vibrant and energetic, but won't be too overwhelming for the senses.


a graphic design image with three colours - a medium green, a dark teal and an electric chartreuse yellow, presented by colourful circles

Tropicana is the colour combo for the brave ones and the little adventurers full of energy and life.


Wild wilderness: Fresh Green, Mellow Green, Loving Green.

Wild wilderness is the safest option amongst all three jungle-themed bedroom colour combinations. It's a tonal, monochromatic palette of greens that, when paired together, create an immersive, cosy and cocooning space - perfect for kids that need a relaxing atmosphere and a space to feel safe and calm in.

This colour combination is the epitome of nature, greenery and, in our case - jungle. Think of it as the view from your window, where you're able to see a lot of trees, all of which are in different colours of green... and yet, they all harmonise and look great together. This is essentially what the 'Wild wilderness' colour combo is.

Our Fresh Green paint colour is as fresh as fresh can be. It's an optimistic and refreshing paint hue which reminds us of Italian pistachio ice cream, the stems of Lily of the Valley and the swirls of mineral in the ancient jade stones.

As part of our freshly launched Mellow Collection, our Mellow Green paint colour is a warm-hearted hue, full of the promise of new growth and new life. Mellow Green’s call to nature is in abundance from being considered a luscious grass green. Think of pea pods growing in the summer months and the delicate fine edging of the avocado.

And then you have our Loving Green paint colour. A deep, dark green shade that will add a cocooning feel to any room, especially if it's a bedroom - children or adult.

There are no rules when it comes to the 'Wild wilderness' colour combination. You can play around with the paint colours and their promotions however you like, depending on yours and your children's personal preferences too.


a graphic design image of three circles in different shades of green - light green, medium green and dark green, arranged symmetrically next to each other in the centre of the image

Wild wilderness is all about that tonal, restful, relaxing feeling incorporated into a children's bedroom. And what's more relaxing than the colour green? Three different shades of green. Truly a bliss.


Interested in Pea's Jungle bedding set? We thought so. You can find it here. Next step is adding the paint colours to the space and there you have it - the perfect jungle-themed children's bedroom. Great for all adventurers - big or little.


an image of a kid with a colourful blanket hanging from its back, walking on a path between two green bushes in a botanical nature setting

All three paint colour combinations have been inspired by Pea's jungle bedding set. So, yes - you'll be able to find all paint colours above in its design. How fun!


We hope these three paint colour combinations have inspired your inner child and have encouraged you to add more colour to your home, and especially to your children's bedroom. And if you need any more colour help, simply book a colour consultation with us and we'll sort your colour puzzle in no time. It's easy, it's fun... and there's a free option available too.

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