Our introduction to using Eggshell paints

Our introduction to using Eggshell paints

By Iona Bower on

To get you familiar and help you become even more confident with the YesColours paint colour range, we've created a series of articles that will tell you more about our different paint finishes, as well as how to use them in your own home.

Following our YesColours Matt Emulsion Introduction, lesson number two is all about our Eggshell.



Still life product photo of YesColours paint pouch, paint sample pot in a glass jar and a paint roller, photographed in front of a pastel lilac background
YesColours Joyful Lilac
is one of our most popular paint colours (how can it not be, just look at it!). Find it in Matt Emulsion on our website or order it in Eggshell, Gloss or Satin here.


What's special about YesColours' Eggshell paint finish?

We all like to think we’re a bit special, but our Eggshell palette really is unlike anything you’ll find in your average decorating store. From muted Calming colours for peaceful ablutions in the bathroom, to Friendly shades for welcoming friends around the kitchen table, our colours are what you make them. We’ll never tell you you ‘can’t’ use red in a bathroom or go bold in a busy kitchen and we can make up almost any of our Matt Emulsion colours in Eggshell for you. 

And, as you know, our planet is important to us. A lot. So, like all our paints, our Eggshell product range has no added VOCs, APEs or NPEs, microplastics or beads, and it’s water-based using pristine Lake District water. Beautiful.
It’s made in Britain from 99% UK ingredients and is completely vegan. What more could you ask for?

Well, besides our best-selling Electric Blue paint colour in Eggshell... Sadly, currently this is the only paint colour in our palette that only comes in Matt Emulsion for interiors, due to its special pigment and velvety magic once it dries. However, you can take this fabulous colour outside and use it in your garden on wood, bricks or concrete. Just order it in Masonry. It's that simple.


Which rooms can I use YesColours Eggshell in?

Our Eggshell is great for bathrooms and kitchens with a sheen level of 17-22%, making it easy to wipe down and giving it a bit of water-repellency for ‘damp’ rooms (such as kitchens and bathrooms). It’s the finish we always recommend for kitchens and bathrooms ourselves.

Another factor that sets our Eggshell apart from other, well… more ordinary eggshells, is that we don’t believe there is such a thing as ‘kitchen and bathroom shades’. You should go for whichever colour you love on your walls. As mentioned above, the only shade we currently can’t make in Eggshell is our Electric Blue (we’re working on it but we’ve not yet managed to replicate that deep velvety look in the Eggshell sheen), but we know you’ll find something else you love. Have you met our other ‘Electric’ colours yet? (You’d know if you had. They’re bold, optimistic and full of energy. And they tend to make a big impression.).


Can I use Eggshell paint on furniture?

Absolutely. It’s really hard wearing and a great way to upcycle furniture. Eggshell is a friend to any item of furniture that’s going to ‘see a lot of life’, so it’s good on skirtings in high-traffic hallways and for kitchen cupboards, too (just be sure to prepare your surfaces well).


How do I order YesColours' Eggshell paint?

You can make a custom order via our website. Paint is usually delivered within 4-6 days. At the moment, the only colour not available in an eggshell finish is our Electric Blue. Have a browse of our Style Edits to see which colours work well together. 


How much paint will I need?

YesColours Eggshell covers around 18-20 square metres per litre. You can work out exactly how much you’ll need using our rather nifty paint calculator. If you’re painting something smaller, such as woodwork or furniture, here’s a bit of a ballpark calculation to help: A wooden stool would use around 100ml (so you may just need a couple of sample pots); a bedside table with drawers around 250ml; and a dining table and chair would use around 1 litre.



YesColours paint pouch photographed next to a metal paint tray filled with Joyful Pink pastel pink paint, with a paint brush covered in pink paint, all placed in front of a pink-coloured background

Our pastel bubblegum pink Joyful Pink paint colour is our best-selling pink and is also a truly versatile shade, depending on where and how you use it. Find it in Matt Emulsion on our website or order it in Eggshell, Gloss or Satin here.


Great, now you're a YesColours Eggshell expert - welcome to the club! And in case you need some help with choosing the right paint colour for your space, be it in Eggshell or any other paint finish, feel free to book a colour consultation with us and we’ll sort your colour puzzle in no time. Free option is available too!

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