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YesColours Electric Blue (Exterior) Paint YesColours Electric Blue (Exterior) Paint

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Electric Blue masonry paint

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Bring the electric vibes outside with our Special Edition Electric Blue Exterior paint, perfect for stonework and wood outdoors.

For a short time only we are offering our Electric Blue colour as outdoor paint.

Hard wearing and still as vibrant, this paint is the epitome of Electric. It's magical how a colour can be so beautifully vibrant, and almost like velvet once it's dry. You can get lost in this ultramarine blue shade and as Yves Klein, the artist and colour creator once said "Blue has no dimensions, it is beyond dimensions".

Remarkably, nature has given us plenty origins to draw our inspiration from with this electrifying blue. We're obsessed with the colour of Dory, the stunning Tang Fish in Finding Nemo, the Purple Emperor butterfly, the Lapis Lazuli stone.

And for those in the know, and for those who don't, this is now one of the most truest paint shades available in the UK to the original Majorelle Blue created by Jacques Majorelle, which you can see adorning the fountain at the YSL Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech.

Use this paint colour simply... anywhere you like. Just don't forget to set some time aside to sit down, have a cup of tea and watch this lush paint dry - prepare to be truly mesmerised.

Disclaimer: Mixing may be required before using this product, decant and stir before applying to your surface. 

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