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Our consultations are made to get you feeling confident about your colour choices, no matter your taste. Book a webchat or phone call via the links below (or our chatbot) and we'll be happy to help get your project started.

Our free 15 minute chat is for one room and we'll give you some quick advice on colours and finishes.

Our £55 chat is a more comprehensive chat about your ideas, your style and how you use your space — for up to 3 rooms. After the chat you'll receive a personalised report that includes the full colour schemes with finishes and quantities for each room, as well as other furniture and decor recommendations.

Emily Harnasz.

Decorating made easy with a leading expert in home colour schemes, Emily will help guide you through step-by-step for your next project.


Emma Bestley.

Co-Founder and Colour Consultant with expertise in introducing more colour to your space, wellbeing and the impact of colour.

Book 15 mins free Book 30 mins + Report £55

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