Our introduction to using Matt Emulsion paints

Our introduction to using Matt Emulsion paints

By Iona Bower on
To get you familiar and help you become even more confident with the YesColours paint colour range, we've created a series of articles that will tell you more about our different paint finishes, as well as how to use them in your own home.

First stop: our Matt Emulsion.


Still life product image of YesColours paint pouch and sample pot, photographed in front of a Joyful Pink pastel pink background
Let our Joyful Pink paint colour bring you joy. Find it in Matt Emulsion on our website or order it in Eggshell, Gloss or Satin here.



Which rooms can I use YesColours Matt Emulsion in? 

Our Matt Emulsion was designed to be used on interior walls. If you’re taking this outside you’ll want to look at our Masonry Paint. The Matt Emulsion is, however, great in living rooms, dining rooms, hallways (and more!) and can even be used in kitchens and bathrooms as long as they are well ventilated and don’t tend to get too steamy. (You’re welcome to get steamy in your bedroom, but that’s not for here).

For rooms with high humidity levels or lots of splashing occurring, such as shower rooms, think about our Eggshell range instead. The only paint colour you can't currently get in Eggshell is our best-selling Electric Blue paint, due to its special pigment and velvety magic once it dries. We can't have it all, we know...


Can I use YesColours Matt Emulsion on anywhere other than walls?

Yes, you can! While we’d always recommend Eggshell as it’s more durable and easily wiped clean, lots of YesColours customers have used the Matt Emulsion on radiators with huge success. You can also use it on wooden furniture, skirting boards and cupboards if you want that matt look, rather than the slight sheen an eggshell finish gives you. Just remember to sand and prime first to allow the gorgeous colour to ‘take’ properly.


What's so great about YesColours Matt Emulsion?

Our Matt Emulsion is quite simply an all-round stand-up kind of guy and what you see is what you get. It has a beautiful matt finish that really allows the depth of the colour to be seen (it has less than 5% sheen) and just looks stunning on interior walls. It’s easy to use, dries to a lovely finish and essentially allows you to give any room a brand new look in just a couple of hours. 

Like all our paints, it comes in planet-friendly recyclable pouches, rather than tins, and the Matt Emulsion’s credentials are as good as its bold colours. The YesColours ingredients are 99% UK-sourced and the paint is 100% made in Britain. It’s totally water based and made using pristine water from the Lake District catchment area. It should go without saying (but we will anyway) that it contains no added VOCs, microplastics or beads and is 100% APE and NPE free. And it’s vegan, to boot. 


How much Matt Emulsion will I need to buy?

We’d recommend you use our rather nifty paint calculator, but if you want to do it the old school way, multiply the height of your wall by the length. If you’re doing a whole room, do this for each wall and then add them up. Easy. As a ballpark, one litre of Matt Emulsion covers around 14-15 square metres or a wooden dining table and chair. 

How do I use YesColours Matt Emulsion?

We like to treat our Matt Emulsion with the respect it deserves so before you start, make sure your surface is sanded if necessary, thoroughly cleaned and dried and that the surface is even. Use a primer first if you’re painting over a dark colour. Give the pouch a little squeeze and a shake before you open it, then gently pour a little into a paint tray, ensuring the colour is evenly mixed. 

You can use a brush, spray equipment or roller to apply the paint, but go for good quality. Cheaper rollers might leave lint on your walls and no one wants bristles left behind from a dodgy old paintbrush. If you’re using a roller, don’t worry if you get tiny air bubbles appearing - these will flatten out as the paint dries.  

For the most beautiful finish and lots of depth of colour, apply at least two coats, with four hours of drying time for each.



YesColours Electric Blue paint dripping from a paint brush and into a metal paint tray filled with Electric Blue paint

Our Electric Blue paint colour. There's nothing quite like it - no wonder it's our ultimate best-seller. Available in Matt Emulsion and Masonry (Exterior).


Great, now you're a YesColours Matt Emulsion expert - welcome to the club! And in case you need some help with choosing the right paint colour for your space, be it in Matt or any other paint finish, feel free to book a colour consultation with us and we’ll sort your colour puzzle in no time. Free option is available too!

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