How to use the YesColours Mellow Collection in your home

How to use the YesColours Mellow Collection in your home

By Emily Harnasz on

Hello, Mellow!

Don’t mind us, we're just keeping you on your toes with another gloriously colourful YesColours collection of saturated and deeply dramatic paint shades. Without further ado - say hello to our warm-hearted Mellow Collection.

With slightly black undertones to calm down the vibrancy, these paint colours are the more muted, heritage version of the YesColours Passionate Collection. Our freshly launched Mellow Collection is great for period houses, mid-century influenced home decor or any retro-related schemes... or whatever your heart desires, really!

Fancy some inspiration on how to incorporate these Mellow vibes into your home decor and interior colour scheme? Well, let us help you with that.


 Still life image of home decor objects painted in muted colours and stacked on top of each other, photographed in front of a teal wall

'Tis just in - our brand new, freshly-launched Mellow Collection. Introducing our Mellow Pink, Mellow Orange, Mellow Yellow, Mellow Green, Mellow Teal, Mellow Blue and Mellow Neutral paint colours. Photography: Veega Studio


Mellow Pink.

The duskiest pink, our vintage rose hue in the palette, our Mellow Pink paint colour is a saturated hue that has a tickle of black in it to calm down its vibrancy. Mellow Pink is the perfect dramatic warm paint shade for bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms.

Pair this pink paint colour with our Serene Pink shade for a harmonious tonal palette, ideal for creating a relaxing space, or a sumptuous and eye-catching contrast with our Passionate Blue and Passionate Lilac. Delightful.

 A white textured ceramic vase with pink-painted eucalyptus branches in it, photographed in front of a dusky pink wall

Our Mellow Pink paint colour is the epitome of an antique velvet Edwardian armchair full of must and secrets, along with the fragrant china rose, the summer-blooming Hermosa. If you look closely, you’ll be able to smell it… almost.



Mellow Orange.

Our Mellow Orange paint colour is a warm reddish orange shade, ready to fill a space with comfort, joy and reassurance. This muted orange paint hue is perfect for the likes of a dining space, living room and hallways alike.

Buddy it up with our Serene Green and Electric Yellow paint colours for a fearless colour scheme, or pair it back with our Calming Neutral paint shade for a more traditional, heritage feel. Both are guaranteed to make your heart sing.


 A bright-orange painted hallway with an orange wall, big round mirror with wooden edges, surrounded by a tall plant and wooden bench with jute baskets and decorative pillows

Our Mellow Orange paint colour reminds us of paprika from Spain's La Vera region with its intense and smoky flavours, the deep intense summer sunsets in Santorini and, one for the animated film fans: this colour instantly transports us back to the 1973 Robin Hood adaptation with the foxiest of foxes voiced by Brian Bedford. What a sweet sounding mellow guy.



Mellow Yellow.

Our Mellow Yellow paint colour is our wise ol' hue, the elder of all our yellows in the palette (we know you're also singing the song now too...). It has a touch of red to give it a sense of warmth and affection.

Mellow Yellow is a great paint colour choice for furniture, zoning areas or drenching small spaces like office desks or shady utilities. For a truly unique scheme, try giving this yellow a whirl with our Serene Blue and Loving Pink paint shades. Our promise to you: you won’t regret it.


 An open book with fan-spread colourful pages, photographed in front of a muted yellow wall

Our Mellow Yellow paint colour reminds us of our condiment staple; English mustard, the Californian native; yellow yarrow and the sweet luscious mango. This balmy colour can be seen painted outside many a home in Burano, Italy as well as in the glow of the sun shining upon Amer Fort in Rajasthan, standing proudly on the hill of Maota Lake.



Mellow Green. 

Our Mellow Green paint colour is a warm hearted hue, full of the promise of new growth and rejuvenation. This mesmerising paint colour will steal the show all on its own in living rooms, office spaces or dining rooms perfectly.

Colour drench this beautiful green paint colour all over your space (don't forget the ceiling too!) for a truly immersive experience. Or, alternatively, pair it with our Mellow Neutral paint colour on ceilings and woodwork for a timeless approach.

 Dining room corner with pale grey curtains and pale wooden chairs and table, photographed in front of a grass green coloured wall

Our Mellow Green’s call to nature is in abundance from being considered a luscious grass green. Think of pea pods growing in the summer months and the delicate fine edging of the avocado. Who said… ‘Millennial Green’?



Mellow Teal.

We would say our Mellow Teal paint colour is very neighbourly to the greens; this is our sea green in the YesColours palette, with an extra shot of cyan blue which makes it part of the teal camp. It’s ready to glorify hallways, living rooms and social spaces to encourage energy, comfort and contentment.

Our Mellow Teal paint colour makes unexpected friends with our bubbly Joyful Pink paint. And in case pink is not your thing, you can fully embrace those retro vibes and use Mellow Teal with Loving Orange and Mellow Neutral paint colours for a burst of wholesome nostalgia.

Living room angle with a wooden wall-mounted sideboard, decorated with a mushroom lamp and small home decor accessories, photographed in front of a green teal wall

Our Mellow Teal paint colour reminds us of a deep blue ocean and its saturated colour density, usually meaning it's filled with phytoplankton (organisms which help to capture carbon from the atmosphere, playing an important role in the natural cycles that keep the ocean healthy). That’s right - we seek the sustainable, planet-friendly aspects of every single thing, including our own paint colour palette.


Mellow Blue.

Looking for an aged, cosy, rich blue? Look no further than our Mellow Blue paint colour. It has the tiniest hint of a grey to give it that dirty ‘worn in’ feel, a great colour to balance out sunny living rooms, hallways and bathrooms.

Imagine this muted blue paint shade with a soft neutral peach like our Serene Peach or Serene Neutral paint colours. Pure bliss. Alternatively, you could also go dark and moody with your interior scheme by splashing this blue colour with our mysteriously enchanting Loving Grey paint... don't mind us, we can almost smell the musky sandalwood wafting through. 

Burnt orange vintage mid-century chair, placednext to earthy-coloured vintage clothes and home accessories and photographed in front of a muted blue wall

Our Mellow Blue paint colour is for the old souls with young minds and vice versa. You will find this muted blue colour in the sky on a clear summer's day. It’s our version of the classic RAF Blue used to camouflage aeroplanes in the open air. We guarantee it will make you feel like floating.



Mellow Neutral. 

Our Mellow Neutral paint colour is a versatile warm chalky neutral which can be used from any period home to a modern contemporary space.

Wash this neutral paint shade everywhere and add natural elements like wood, linens and wools for an elegant ‘Vanilla Girl’ aesthetic, or use any of the other paint colours from our Mellow Collection and be confident it will work effortlessly every single time.

The top of a vintage mid-century wooden sideboard, with placements of a white ceramic vase with blue-painted eucalyptus in it, white ceramic candle holder with blue candle in it, and a small blue-painted candle holder with a tall white candle in it, all photographed in front of a warm creamy white coloured wall


Our Mellow Neutral paint colour is an ode to finding warmth in every single thing. It's soft linen cushions whilst watching Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan with her sweet champagne coloured sash in the deco classic The Great Gatsby… or, for those who appreciate some Bowie movie magic, the golden creamy feathers shaping the barn owl's face in 1986's film The Labyrinth.



So there you have it, a truly versatile and hearty collection of paint colours designed to bring warmth, comfort and joy into any home. Go on, it's time to embrace the mellow life.

We hope these home decor tips have inspired you to introduce our brand new Mellow Collection and its muted, yet still vibrant paint colours in your home decor palette. And, if you still need some help, feel free to book a colour consultation with us and we’ll solve your colour puzzle in no time. Free option is available too!

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