The ultimate guide to TikTok’s new viral trend - Vanilla Girl Aesthetic

The ultimate guide to TikTok’s new viral trend - Vanilla Girl Aesthetic

By Elena Koycheva on

New year, new me, new viral trends from TikTok and the Social Media channels that surround us.

In 2023 we're waving goodbye to last year's 'Clean Girl' trend, and saying hello to the brand new viral hit on TikTok - the 'Vanilla Girl' aesthetic. If you, like us, are feeling a bit behind on the ever-changing social media trends, we're here to give you a brief but thorough introduction to this new lifestyle phenomenon.


Clean bedroom wall close-up with a neutral painted wall, a hanging plant and a rattan chair

One thing is sure - our Calming Neutral paint colour will always be on trend. And it perfectly matches the Vanilla Girl aesthetic too! Win-win.


The Vanilla Girl aesthetic is quite simple to describe (and to embrace, too). It's essentially a beautiful cocktail of monochrome minimalism, neutral Japandi and Scandinavian interior styling features, boho chic and a hint of luxury. Mix those up in a big glass and there you have it - the ultimate Vanilla Girl essence.


Despite its mostly neutral tones, the Vanilla Girl aesthetic is by no means boring or ordinary. The key here is the warmth, the cosiness, the feel good self-care ritual and the luxurious atmosphere everywhere around you. 


Now, how would we describe the Vanilla Girl?


Well, first of all, she loves her neutrals. A neutral colour palette is her go-to colour scheme when it comes to... literally everything. Her home is bright, airy, with warm, pale neutral walls, white linen beddings, fuzzy faux sheep skin rugs, a heavy knitted throw to keep her warm and lots of space where she could breathe, meditate and heal.

Besides the neutral interior, she likes to keep it comfy and cosy. Chunky knit jumpers are a must, and so are ribbed wool socks with soft clogs in white, beige or grey. Add in a big, warm blanket scarf and you're there.


 A girl white white pyjama set and head towel holding a magazine in front of her face while stirring paint inside a coffee mug with a paint brush next to a YesColours Loving Neutral paint pouch, background is Loving Neutral muted neutral paint colour

Breakfast in bed with a splash of YesColours Loving Neutral paint... we're in.


The Vanilla Girl aesthetic is incredibly indulging, too. It's centred around self care, beauty rituals, home spa treatments, proper organic skincare routine and lots of rest. The Vanilla Girl is not lazy, she just likes to feel comfortable and confident whatever she's doing. She could be feminine, she could be androgynous, as long as her styling is clean, minimal and practical.


How to decorate your home to match the Vanilla Girl aesthetic?


If you're a follower of Marie Kondo's ideology and you're putting her interior advice into practice, then you're halfway (or perhaps even all the way) there. 

Keeping it simple and organised is key here. Get rid of the clutter, extra furniture and unnecessary home decor items that could make your space overwhelming. Clean house = clean mind, and this rule applies to everything in the Vanilla Girl aesthetic.


Paint colours:


It's all about warm, cosy neutral colours that feel cocooning and welcoming and make your home feel airy and spacious. Try our Serene Neutral paint colour to complete those cherished good book + iced oat milk latte moments.


Bright and airy living room window corner with wooden floor and a plant

Our Serene Neutral paint colour is almost considered a white but, due to its blush pink undertone, even in a shady corner, it comes alive with its subtle hints of warmth.




There's one key rule here, and that is: keep it simple. Embrace the basics and decorate your home with just the things you need. The more space you have around just for yourself, the better. 

Choose a neutral palette - white, grey, light beige or cream. For just a little touch of colour and to escape the all-white colour scheme, check out our Serene Collection. This collection is so neutral and gentle that the paint colours in it have the power to make even the most energetic of us feel restful. These muted tones allow for the paint to be used on a large scale area of the home without being too overbearing.


Home decor:


Stay away from clutter. It's totally fine to leave one or two empty shelves - after all, you don't need to decorate everything with travel souvenirs or photo frames and make your home too busy.


Rusty burnt orange sofa with a monochrome minimal black and white throw placed on it, photographed in front of a Joyful Neutral painted wall

Keeping it clean, minimal and Vanilla Girl-friendly with our Joyful Neutral paint colour.




Keep the colour palette of your home accessories monochrome. Black and white is the ideal colour combo here, and you can experiment with different patterns, graphics, and even the occasional motivational quote poster too.

If you'd rather have some more colour, focus on warm neutrals, such as beige, taupe and warm blush pink. A splash of our dark terracotta paint colour - Loving Orange, would make a huge difference with its bold contrasting hue, even if it's used just to paint a photo frame or vintage vase.


Whether you decide to hop on the Vanilla Girl aesthetic trend wagon or not, always keep in mind that viral trends are often just that - trends. They come and go as quickly as the seasons change, so if the Vanilla Girl palette is not exactly your vibe, then stick to your own style and work on that. It's more authentic, more sustainable and it's one of the things that make you who you are.


And no trend could change that.


We hope these Vanilla Girl aesthetic home decor tips have inspired you to decorate your space according to TikTok's latest viral sensation. And hey, if you still need some help, feel free to book a colour consultation with us and we’ll sort your colour puzzle in no time. Free option is available too!

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