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YesColours Electric Yellow Paint YesColours Electric Yellow Paint YesColours Electric Yellow Paint YesColours Electric Yellow Paint

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Electric Yellow paint

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Our Electric Yellow paint colour is so stimulating and energetic, you could probably charge your phone from it.

This is our sulphur yellow paint colour, with a green undertone to add that zesty zing to the shade. It's a cheeky one and would be great to use as a stand alone piece whether it's a pot, a wooden chair, or a door. It's totally happy on its own but for moral support lilac shades or greys work well together too.

The YesColours Electric Yellow paint reminds us of the bright yellow plant pots adorning the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech, beautiful sulphur crystals in the volcanic mountains along the western Andes or Tartrazine, the lemon yellow azo dye found in the Italian Galliano herby honey liqueur. Scrumptious.

Use this paint colour in murals or art projects, as well as an accent colour for woodwork, window frames, panelling or small upcycled furniture items.


Note: Please ensure that when using this colour that it is applied evenly onto a prepped wall, as this colour may need an additional coat for the perfect finish. 

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