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YesColours Serene Neutral Paint Serene Neutral paint YesColours Serene Neutral Paint YesColours Serene Neutral Paint

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Serene Neutral paint

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If our colours were musical notes, our neutrals would be the space between them. Just as important, and no less essential to the experience. Our Serene Neutral paint colour is a soft, soothing melody that we simply can't get out of our heads. We don't want to, either.

The YesColours Serene Neutral paint shade is almost considered a white but, due to its blush pink undertone, even in a shady corner, it comes alive with its subtle hints of warmth.

It reminds us of a pale Alabaster, the edges of a scallop shell or the translucence of a rose quartz stone. It's the foam in our morning cappuccino, the colour that gives our dusty, old books an unexpected glow, the warm hug we need after a long, tiring day.

Use this paint shade in your master or guest bedroom, as well as in any space that needs a neutral colour that has a bit of personality but still remains... well, neutral.


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