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Shoreline Paint sample set

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There's nothing quite like sea air for a little rejuvenation, a stroll across the sandy coastlines, pebbles and all. There's nothing quite like our Shoreline paint edit too.

This paint edit is light and airy like a deep breath of fresh sea air. Glorious multicoloured creams, peaches and silvery greys. Sandy pale and golden tones, with mid-tone grey evoke the seas and soft blues the skies above. Natural, raw and serene hues for this palette, ready for the home which wants to celebrate their love for neutrals and more serene colour paints - welcoming chalky, warm neutrals to furniture or walls alike.

Our new neutrals can be paired with so many paint colours in our palette but this Shoreline group is made for a soothing, timeless and restful space such as a serene living room or an uplifting hallway.

This set contains 10 x 60ml paint samples: 

Calming Blue
Calming Grey 
Electric Hot White 
Warm Passionate White
Serene Peach
Calming Neutral 
Loving Neutral 
Serene Neutral
Friendly Neutral
Joyful Neutral

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