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YesColours Calming Green 60ml Sample Paint

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Calming Green Paint Sample (60ml)

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Our Calming Green paint colour is such a harmonious, nurturing green; one might perhaps call it a sage green but we like to call this our Calming Green. It works so well with muted colours but also with vibrant shades too.

Don't be fooled by this colour, it would also happily hold hands with lilacs and pink shades as a contrast.

This soft green colour reminds us of nature; think of fresh eucalyptus and woody herbs. We also can't help thinking of pistachio ice cream and the importance of this colour in Egyptian art, where it symbolises rebirth and life. It's a great step towards achieving the popular biophilic design when it comes to your interior.

We recommend using our Calming Green paint colour to create a zoning area in your living room or bedroom, or to add a hint of nature to nurseries and children's rooms. Our secret tip: use this shade for your kitchen cupboards - you'll thank us later.

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