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YesColours Loving Teal 60ml Sample Paint Loving Teal paint sample (60ml) Loving Teal paint sample (60ml) YesColours Teal paint colour Loving Teal wall paint YesColours Teal paint colour Loving Teal wall paint YesColours Teal paint colour Loving Teal wall paint

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Loving Teal paint sample (60ml)

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Teal is definitely a dignified and emotionally balanced colour, and our Loving Teal paint shade fits the bill perfectly. Along with our other cooler paint colours, this one can have a sedating influence, so it simply had to go into our Loving Collection. It's the deep pools in the Isle of Skye, embroidered silk wedding saris and art deco velvet sofas.

Loving Teal is another sophisticated tone to get creative with. Alternatively, it would also match perfectly any other paint colours from the YesColours Loving Collection and help you achieve a truly deep, rich, intimate and embracing feel in your space.

Use our Loving Teal paint in the bedroom, living room or the hallway. It's perfect for colour drenching too, so why not go for it on all surfaces in your space? We guarantee that you'll love it.

And, last but not least, if you want our secret tip, use this shade in your bathroom. Especially if you're a fan of rich, lush vibes, brass or gold mirror frames, big candles that smell of sandalwood and frankincense and indulgent moments of pure elegance.


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