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YesColours Loving Green 60ml Sample Paint YesColours Loving Green 60ml Sample Paint

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Loving Green Paint Sample (60ml)

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Very few paint colours give us that true 'earthy' feeling quite like our Loving Green does. This one is a wise old soul; natural, relaxing and therefore the head honcho in our Loving Collection. A dominant colour in nature which makes you think of growth.

You'll find this shade of green in Kente fabric weaves, Ethiopian embroidery, Verde Indio green marble and a lovely lush Christmas tree.

Use this YesColours paint in the bedroom or living room to create a cocooning effect that will feel like a warm embrace from the nature, especially after a long working day. 'Cosy' is an understatement when it comes to this dark green paint shade. 


Free delivery on 2-4 samples.