Invite the summer into your home with these 5 feelgood paint colours

Invite the summer into your home with these 5 feelgood paint colours

By Emily Harnasz on

Ahhh summer, the thing that those of us in the northern hemisphere longingly pine for approximately ¾ of the year (jealous side eye to you folk always in warmer climates…).

But don’t worry, here at YesColours, we’ve designed colours that take you somewhere imaginative, ignite your emotions and make you feel some type of way. And today it's all about the warm, optimistic joy of summer! 

Here’s how YesColours can help you bring that summer lovin’ into your home all year round with 5 of our iconic feelgood paint colours:

Fresh Aqua.

Even just whispering these two words makes us think of sipping a glass of ice cold water next to a glistening swimming pool, sunny beach huts and mint choc chip ice cream. Fresh vibrancy at its best.

Our Fresh Aqua paint colour is like a never-ending summer in a sustainable paint pouch, and looks amazing in bathrooms or as an accent colour in the nursery or kitchen. 


A hot pink coloured flower photographed in the bottom left corner of a mint-coloured aqua green painted background

Our Fresh Aqua paint colour is our freshest, most pastel aqua in the YesColours colour palette with lots of cyan blue and minty green undertones.

Serene Blue.

It’s not always the ‘wham bam’ colours that reminds us of summer, she does muted relaxed tones perfectly too. You know the feeling, laying on crisp, freshly mowed grass, the smell of BBQ wafting in the air and that hazy blue sky wrapping around you whilst you doze off. Well, our Serene Blue paint colour takes us to that moment.

Use our gentle baby blue Serene Blue paint colour in bedrooms, nurseries, hallways and living rooms, to create a peaceful atmosphere that will have you napping in summer bliss in no time.


A bedroom interior photograph with a grey bedroom placed in the left corner of the image, industrial style bedside table and a leafy plant, all placed in front of a light blue coloured painted wall

Our Serene Blue paint colour is a pale grey blue - subtle, delicate and soothing. Perfect for a lazy summer day with a cup of tea and a cool book.


Fresh Yellow.

Is there a more iconic summer colour than yellow? We don't think so.

Our Fresh Yellow paint colour reminds us of literal sunshine, Cornish ice cream, primroses and vanilla frosting on a cupcake. Use this yellow paint colour in nurseries, children's rooms, in your kitchen or as an accent colour in your dining room or office to extend that summer feeling forever and ever.


Leafy plant photographed on the right side in front of a buttery yellow painted wall

Our YesColours Fresh Yellow paint colour is stimulating and uplifting with a cool tone with a hint of peach in the mix to warm it up slightly. If summer was a paint colour, it would be this one.


Passionate Pink.

So we’ve talked about soft, pretty tones so far, which are perfect at emulating that blissfully mellow moments of summer. But we all know that summer is also a time for vibrancy, indulgence and endless energy. If you want to feel energised and truly charged with positive vibrations, go for one of our boldest and bravest colours: Passionate Pink.

Our hot pink Passionate Pink paint colour reminds us of the pink from the incredible 400,000 women from The Gulabi Gang or the awning on the Big Pink restaurant building in Miami Beach... it's basically anything that packs a punch and yells ‘Hey, I’m here and I’m not leaving!’.

Use this saturated, bold hot pink colour in creative spaces like your home office or art studio or as an accent colour for smaller spaces on woodwork, windows and doors.


Leafy plant photographed in front of a hot pink painted wall

Our Passionate Pink paint colour is a creative, welcoming shade and the boldest pink in the YesColours palette. Use it all over your room and immerse yourself in its energising glow. We dare you.


Joyful Orange.

Possibly the happiest hue around, our Joyful Orange paint colour is wonderfully versatile with its coral pink undertones. This means it can work with oranges, pinks... pretty much anything, really.

Our Joyful Orange paint colour reminds us of striking sunsets over The Golden Temple in Punjab, India and those deep coral passageways in the medinas of Marrakech.

Use this coral orange paint shade in your guest bedroom, your office or working area, as well as in kitchens and children's rooms. We dare you not to fall in love with the sunny, cheerful shade.


Solid ceramic vintage teal vase photographed in the bottom left corner of a coral orange painted background

Our Joyful Orange paint colour is surprisingly versatile and can be used alone or a stunning accent colour. This is our version of a coral, but more on the orange side than the pink.


Have we got your summer juice flowing? Our mouths are certainly watering and we’re ready to dive right into its crystal waters head first.

In case you need a gentle push when choosing a paint colour for your summer-inspired home decor palette, book a colour consultation with us. It's easy, it's fun... and there's a free option available too.


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