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YesColours Joyful Orange Paint YesColours Joyful Orange Paint YesColours Joyful Orange Paint

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Joyful Orange Paint

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There's so much our Joyful Orange paint colour can do. It has the warmth and the confidence to stand alone or be the absolute best accent colour. This is our version of a coral shade, more on the orange side than the pink.

The YesColours Joyful Orange paint is reminding us of those striking sunsets, particularly a sunset over The Golden Temple in Punjab, India. It has so much warmth and luminosity. Those deep coral passageways in the medinas of Marrakech, or a row of bright geraniums along an apartment balcony.

Use this paint shade in your guest bedroom, your office or working area, as well as in kitchens and children's rooms. Pretty much everywhere and anywhere that you'd like to inject a bit of bold positivity and warmth.


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