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YesColours Passionate Pink Paint YesColours Passionate Pink Paint YesColours Passionate Pink Paint

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Passionate Pink paint

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Our Passionate Pink paint colour is a nurturing, compassionate, highly creative welcoming shade and the boldest pink in the YesColours palette. It reminds us of the pink from the incredible 400,000 women from The Gulabi Gang, The Pink Sari Movement. It's the fab awning on the Big Pink restaurant building in Miami Beach.

This vibrant pink colour is an important symbol of Mexico, where it's easy to find this tone of pink everywhere, flooding the streets of cities and towns from toys, to houses covered in clumps of pink flowers.

Use our Passionate Pink paint colour in creative spaces, such as your home office, paint atelier, coffee shop or art studio. Feel free to add this hot pink to murals as an accent colour or get ready to make the smaller spaces in your home pop by using it on woodwork, windows and doors.


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