How to embrace the Barbiecore aesthetic in your home

How to embrace the Barbiecore aesthetic in your home

By Iona Bower on

The Greta Gerwig Barbie movie trailers with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling have dropped and suddenly we can’t get enough of the perfectly pink, irrepressibly optimistic Barbiecore aesthetic. Whether you remember Barbie the first time around or are just now discovering the love for the most famous doll in history and her pretty, pink world, here are a few ways to bring a bit of Barbiecore joy to your home. 

Think pink.

No denying it, pink is where this look is at. But how pink you want to go and how you achieve it are completely up to you. Barbie’s world is unashamedly pink, so you can throw yourself at it with layers of different shades, or add splashes to a more neutral backdrop.

The YesColours pinks palette has five traditionally pink shades from bright, bubblegum hues to dustier, more muted colours. Passionate Pink is the one to go for if you want that real hit of I-am-not-afraid-to-do-this pink. It looks so bold drenched on all four walls but also great inside alcoves, cupboards and small rooms for an eye-popping surprise.

For something just slightly quieter, Joyful Pink is our deepest pastel pink and gives a really pretty, summery hit of candy. It goes beautifully with either deeper pinks like Passionate Pink, or paler ones such as Friendly Pink or Calming Pink. In a bedroom or other space where you want a dreamy, relaxed feel, Mellow Pink is our duskiest shade, speaking of vintage roses and antique, velvet Edwardian armchairs. 

To add a little freshness, match any of these with pink neutrals, such as the light as air Serene Pink or cool and uplifting Fresh Pink.

Is that enough pink for you now? Of course it isn’t! Come on, Barbie, let’s go party.

A small narrow hallway with light beige fitted carpet and stairwell on the right side, all painted in a hot pink colour

The hallway of dreams. Especially Barbie dreams. Emma from @homemilk has colour drenched her entire hallway in our Passionate Pink colour and has instantly become our definition of #barbiecoregoals. Are you brave enough to steal this look for your own home?


Pretty palette. 

Yes, other shades are available. Mix your pinks with other Barbie world shades such as lilac. YesColours’ Joyful Lilac paint colour pairs beautifully with Passionate Pink and Electric Hot White for a Barbie Dreamhouse look.

Don't believe us? See what our Lead Colour Consultant - Emily, has to say about Barbie and her home decor choices.

Other colours that shout “Barbie!” are aqua, lemon yellow and neon shades. Basically, go summery; because it’s always summer in Barbieland.


Multicoloured living room with a pastel pink wall on the left and a split-colour central wall with top half white and bottom half yellow; decorated with a long rectangular table with pink tabletop and aqua coloured legs, vintage wooden chairs, lilac geometric shaped stools and pink carpet

It's the season of Barbie and here is one of the 'Barbiest' photos in the YesColours archive: our Miami-inspired living room. Steal the look with our Friendly Pink, Fresh Yellow, Electric Hot White and Fresh Aqua paint colours.


Embrace the fabulously feminine.

Vogue magazine referred to the Barbiecore look as an ‘uberfeminine aesthetic’. It embraces all that is traditionally girly, so look for curvy ‘feminine’ shapes such as scalloped edges on furniture and furnishings, and trims, such as ruffled bedspreads and tasselled lampshades.

It’s not so much about being ‘girly’, however, as simply embracing all that is uplifting and joyful, whatever your gender. Think like metrosexual Ken and get in touch with your inner pink.


Pastel coloured bedroom with peachy pink walls, bright yellow door and striped wooden floor in lilac and white, decorated with yellow bedside table, rattan chair and colourful dresses hanging from a clothing rack

Charlotte @wiltshirewonderland's bedroom: the epitome of 'feminine'. Designed by our very own Lead Colour Consultant  - Emily, this gorgeous girly bedroom is the ultimate Barbiecore fantasy. Here you'll find our Fresh Peach paint colour on the walls and ceiling, our Fresh Yellow paint on the door, as well as our Fresh Lilac and Electric Hot White paint colours on the floor. Dreamy, isn't it?


Dress it like a dolls' house.

Seems kind of obvious now we say it, but when designing a Barbiecore home, you are essentially putting together a giant Barbie Dreamhouse. So go for furniture that looks like upsized dolls’ house furniture. Think: Louis chairs, egg chairs and other pieces with a distinctive shape.

As with all the best dolls’ houses, upcycling is a big part of it, too.  Almost any wooden furniture can be turned into a pink dream and customised with a few mirror tiles, a little lacquer and a lot of glamour. And, hey, if you need paint for woodwork, you can order almost every paint colour from our palette in an eggshell finish here.


Home office corner with pink walls, blue skirting boards, dark pink alcoves, colourful posters and a yellow rotating office chair placed in the corner

We love everything about this. Welcome to Jess @thehousethatcolourbuilt's version of a doll house - the sanctuary that is her home office. Recreate this colour palette in your own home with our Calming Blue, Joyful Pink and Calming Pink paint colours.


Glam little additions.

Barbiecore, it’s been said, is ‘minimalism meets maximalism’. There’s something in that. It’s bold and colourful but the pared-back dolls’ house look means you’re better off going for one statement piece like a massive L-shaped sofa, than lots of cosy armchairs. 

That said, Barbie is all about accessorising, so add a few glamorous extras for texture and style. Fur is very Babriecore, so pop a big fluffy rug and fur throws into your living area. Add coloured glassware, rose gold accessories and anything shiny that catches your Magpie eye. 

But the great thing about a Barbie House is anything goes. That old Peloton of yours, your sewing machine or colourful cake mixer on the counter can all stay. Barbie’s a gal who loves her hobbies so bring them all into your scheme. 

Pink and lilac checkerboard pattern wall photographed behind a beige bed with a floral bedding, flower-shaped multicoloured pillow and a pug lying on top of the bed

You can see quite a few YesColours paint shades in the home of Maitri @honeyidressedthepug in New York City. Here's a great Barbiecore aesthetic-themed checkerboard Friendly Pink & Joyful Lilac pattern painted as Maitri's headboard. Not sure whether we're more obsessed with the colours or the lovely Ari here but one thing is sure - this is the full Barbie package.


If you’re looking for a little help with recreating the Barbie colour palette in your own home, book a colour consultation with us. It's easy, it's fun... and there's a free option available too.

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