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YesColours Friendly Blue Paint Friendly Blue paint YesColours Friendly Blue Paint YesColours Friendly Blue Paint YesColours Friendly Blue Paint

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Friendly Blue paint

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Our Friendly Blue paint colour is a cool, calm and collected character; perfect attributes for a friendly hue you want by your side. This is a deeper pastel compared to the YesColours Fresh paint collection but still is upbeat, just with a bit more swagger and volume.

This paint shade reminds us of that fresh pale sky blue before lunchtime, a mesmerising glacial blue hidden in the icebergs, or the North American Mountain Bluebird, a stylish little Figaro convertible passing you by on a London summer's day, and lest we not forget that you will see this blue and every other colour imaginable in Guanajuato, one of Mexico's most colourful cities.

Use our Friendly Blue paint in nurseries and children's rooms, bedrooms and living rooms, home offices and in any space that needs a bit of pastel oomph. 

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