YesColours MyColours Mental Health Campaign
YesColours MyColours Mental Health Campaign

#MyColours campaign.

Starting from the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 YesColours has launched a first-of-its-kind paint collection and campaign in support of mental health charities. The #MyColours campaign will see us team up with creatives, designers, musicians and even gardeners to create an entirely new paint collection that celebrates the many ways people can use colour to support mental health.

YesColours premium Mindful Green paint sample (60ml) Dulux Paint, Coat Paint, Lick Paint, Edward Bulmer, Green Greens MyColours Sample

Mindful Green.

Take a look at The Beardy Gardener's deep, thoughtful green shade.

YesColours premium Malagasy Coral paint sample (60ml) Dulux Paint, Coat Paint, Lick Paint, Edward Bulmer, Malagasy MyColours Peach Peach / Orange Peaches Pink Pinks Red / Pink Reds Sample

Malagasy Coral.

Take a look at Sisi's inspiring, energetic coral peach paint colour.

Leigh Johnstone The beardy Gardener YesColours MyColours MyColoursByYesColours campaign

The Beardy Gardener — Leigh Johnstone

“Partnering with YesColours lets me share the healing power of colours with others, while also helping fund the life-changing work by my chosen charity, Thrive, which uses gardening to bring positive changes to people’s lives.”

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Sisi athomewithsisi YesColours campaign


Colour loving digital creator, founder of and @homewithsisi has been chatting colour with the likes of Fearne Cotton lately, as well as being featured in Women's Health. We're privileged to have her join the campaign in support of fellow Lupus sufferer charities.

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Lapsley YesColours MyColours Campaign image


Launching her colour this summer, British singer-songwriter, electronic music artist, writer, activist, feminist Holly Låpsley Fletcher is many things and we could not be more excited to have her part of the #MyColours campaign.

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Emma Bestley, Co-Founder and Creative Partner at YesColours: “A quarter of us are affected by mental health challenges at some point in our lives. We wanted to support the vital work charities are doing in the mental health space by not only raising awareness of ‘colour therapy’, but also raising much-needed funds.

“At YesColours, we pride ourselves on creating feelgood colours, but now we can say our colours do good too. We’re really inspired by Leigh, Sisi and Lapsley and the way they use bold colours in such different ways. We hope this range will help fund the work of mental health charities for years to come. This is just the beginning.”

The process of creating the ‘MyColours’ collection involved a personal colour consultation with YesColours (you can also book one for free here) and we can't wait to share the new collection colours with you here.

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