Top 5 pastel bedroom paint colours for spring

Top 5 pastel bedroom paint colours for spring

By Emily Harnasz on
Pastels? For spring? Yes, we know... not exactly the groundbreaking stuff you'd normally imagine from us... but when you start to think of spring as more of a mood, a feeling, a vibe, it no longer becomes just a fleeting seasonal style that comes round once a year. Instead, ‘spring pastels’ can become something to enjoy in our homes all year round. It’s a mantra, not a trend.

Here at YesColours, spring reminds us of new beginnings, fresh optimism and a joyful high spirit that comes with this rejuvenating and lively season. Mother nature greets us with joyful pastel offerings of snowdrops, crocuses, fresh green shoots and brighter sunny days and this ‘awakening’ reminds us that we can rejuvenate ourselves and our homes in this same way too. So, yes, pastels in spring may be clique, but we'd definitely encourage you to try incorporating a pastel colour palette within your interiors scheme for a soft, fresh and energising vibe. All. Year. Long.

To help you embrace the spring pastel mantra, we've curated five spring-inspired pastel colours that perfectly embody the season of new beginnings, and will brighten up any bedroom space. 


four coloured rectangular paper sheets painted with YesColours neutral, green, blue and pink paint colours, taped onto a white wall above a bed with geometric pattern pillow placed on top of a white beddingAs part of your pastel-spring-bedroom-coloured extravaganza, our top advice to you is to test the colours you've got your eyes on before you commit to large quantities of paint. Get yourself a sample pot, paint two coats on a large lining paper sheet and see how the colour reacts in different corners of your space and times of the day. Just like Katie from @therowe did here with our paint shades.



1. Green.


Green of any shade is one of the best choices for a bedroom, as it helps us to feel grounded, balanced and at peace. But add a dash of fresh white and you get our stunning Fresh Green that will also help to lift your mood and feel a little more soothing than its deeper forestry counterparts. Pair with Passionate Warm White for a crisp and timeless feel.


YesColours eco paint pouch with Fresh Green paint inside placed on top of a step ladder and photographed in front of a Fresh Green vibrant green painted wallOur Fresh Green paint colour has the colour of new life, almost as if it has the power to awaken the fresh buds outside in spring. It's optimistic, refreshing and it's definitely earned its place as the top pastel paint colour for spring.



2. Aqua.


Literally just hearing the word aqua and we already feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Similar to green, the aqua paint colours can also bring us peace and clarity, but its added cool blue vibrancy brings with it an energy and a sense of revival. Great to get you out of bed in the morning!

But beware, it can be stimulating for some so if this is you, use it sparingly and pair it with something rich and grounding like our Loving Green for a more zen-like experience... And if you're after a more stimulating and invigorating time in your bedroom, splash it everywhere! (see what we did there.)


A bright coloured bedside table lamp with dark lilac base and yellow lampshade, placed on a wooden top and photographed in front of an aqua colour painted wallAqua is the colour of clarity and empathy, and our Fresh Aqua paint colour is exactly that, too. This bright and bold aqua paint colour is the freshest, most pastel aqua in our colour palette, with lots of cyan blue with minty green undertones. 



3. Peach.


A joyful blend of pink and orange, the colour peach has the ability to comfort us and help us to recognise our true and honest selves. It harps to the peach blossom flourishing on trees and fresh tulips sitting on the window sill, so no wonder then that we absolutely love it and have four beautiful peaches of our own!

Try Friendly Peach for a warmer deeper take on spring pastels or opt for the more laid back Serene Peach if you fancy a more chilled out vibe. Either way, peach will be that comforting and dependable friend we all need in our lives.



Home office area painted in light peach paint colour, with wooden mid-century design desk and chair, sideboard, hanging plans and a stack of books placed on the floorOur Serene Peach paint colour has no secrets. The cue is in the name - we called it 'Serene' for a reason. This pale peach paint colour is laid back, easy on the eyes and chilled out to the max... so you could be chill at home too.



4. Lilac.


As one of our best selling paint colours, Fresh Lilac (and lilac in general - check out our lilac paint colour palette) is having a real moment right now, and we’re so here for it. Lilac could be the poster child for spring pastel goodness everywhere with its soft and tender nature, so it seems the ideal colour to both send you off to a peaceful slumber and awaken you with a comforting hug.

If Fresh Lilac is a little pale for you, try its bestie, Friendly Lilac for a deeper, bluer alternative that will always aim to give you a good time.

Nursery room with children's tent and two stools, photographed in front of a split-tone wall in neutral and dirty lilac paint colours

Our Friendly Lilac paint colour (paired here with our Friendly Neutral colour) can add a funky pop of colour into any space, and yet keep it cool and balanced. And yes, you could totally steal this nursery interior design and replicated it for your own, grown-up bedroom colour scheme. We won't be offended, promise.



5. Yellow.


Is there a more springtime colour than the colour yellow? Daffodils, bumble bees, sunshine, buttercups, we could go on but I think you get the point. Yellow is mentally stimulating, but our Fresh Yellow has a slight hint of peach to it to make it more grounded and wholesome. Perfect for a children's room, guest rooms or the primary bedroom that needs an injection of joy and happiness.


Nursery room with walls painted in bright pastel yellow paint colour, with big radiator, colourful watercolour art print and a children's one-piece outfit hanging on itAlthough the YesColours Fresh Yellow paint colour is considered to be a cool pastel colour, we've added a hint of peach in the mix to warm it up slightly and make it more welcoming. Some might say that's the perfect paint colour for a nursery... and we would totally agree. 


You could mix and match any of these delightful pastel hues to create a symphony of springtime happiness. And remember, all surfaces are important to consider in a bedroom; walls, ceiling, woodwork, furniture, so get creative and let your heart run free with your new found spring in your step.


We hope these home decor tips have inspired you to create the pastel coloured, spring-queen bedroom of your dreams. And hey, if you still need some help, feel free to book a colour consultation with us and we’ll sort your colour puzzle in no time. Free option is available too!

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