Our bestselling Electric Blue paint colour and how to style it in your home

Our bestselling Electric Blue paint colour and how to style it in your home

By Emily Harnasz on

It's magical how a colour can be so beautifully vibrant, and almost like velvet once it's dry. Nature has given us plenty of origins to draw our inspiration from with this electrifying blue. We're obsessed with the colour of Dory, the stunning Tang Fish in Finding Nemo, the Purple Emperor butterfly, the Lapis Lazuli stone.

And for those in the know, and for those who don't, the YesColours Electric Blue paint colour is now one of the most truest shades available in the UK to the original Majorelle Blue created by Jacques Majorelle, which you can see adorning the fountain at the YSL Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech.

Oh, and in case you were wondering - yes, we now have our Electric Blue paint colour as a special edition masonry paint too.



Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech The Majorelle Garden / Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, Morocco.


Now, we know this particular hypnotising Electric Blue paint is not your typical run of the mill blue shade, so here we've gathered some inspiring ways to use this unique and immersive colour in your own home. Get ready for some electric tips to match our Electric Blue.


Upcycle your furniture.


Make a statement with this eye-catching paint shade by slathering it on old cabinets or side tables that might be in need of a new lease of life. Be sure to prime with something like Zinsser BIN before applying the emulsion and add a top coat for extra protection and you’re good to go!


Upcycled mid-century nest of tables with YesColours Electric Blue paintWe're completely obsessed with the way Kelly Brown @raymondsrose has used our Electric Blue paint colour to upcycle this mid-century nest of tables. See more from this incredible project in this video featured on our Instagram profile.


Hidden delight.


Why not add a pop of this bold blue to your window recesses or window sills for a fun architectural statement that no one will expect. It goes against the norm and that's exactly why we love it.



YesColours Electric Blue painted architectural feature

Lisa from @location_beach_house_ has used our glorious Electric Blue paint colour on a small architectural feature in her space, and it makes all the difference. Proof that you don't have to go all in with this shade to make a real impact.



Long live the feature wall.


This is the sort of colour that simply screams to be a feature wall. Imagine this inviting you up your stairway, encouraging the kids to get creative in their playroom or enticing you to get to work in your home office. Whichever wall you choose to use it on, having a punchy pop of Electric Blue means you’ll never feel uninspired again.


bedding and pillows placed on a bed and photographed in front of a YesColours Electric Blue painted feature wall

Zero photoshop, 100% YesColours Electric Blue. Photographed by Maia @maia_mennell.



Small is beautiful.


We believe all spaces can and should be beautiful, therefore adding Electric Blue to a forgotten room like a closet or downstairs loo will bring new life to an otherwise unappreciated space. Creating little moments like these really are what make a house a home. 



Electric Blue painted small bathroom toiletThe lovely Becca @beccaaaacollier has used our Electric Blue paint colour to completely transform her small bathroom and... yes, we are completely speechless. See the before and after of this space here.


Step outside.


Use our limited edition Electric Blue exterior paint to adorn your courtyard, welcome new guests on your gateway or even outdoor furniture. After all, this colour was born for the Marrakech outdoors, so why not have a taste of it in your garden too?



Garden decorated with YesColours Electric Blue paintOur lovely Rich @househomo has brought Jardin Majorelle straight to his home garden with just a small touch of our special edition Electric Blue masonry paint.



Make art, not war.


If going the whole hog seems too daring for you but you still want a slice of this stunning colour somewhere in your life, buy a sample pot and create your own bespoke artwork with it.

Mix and match with some of your other favourite colours for a creative and unique feature to any space.



Bright yellow lemon painting artwork painted on YesColours Electric Blue paint colour background

This energising artwork piece created by Aleksandra AWJ Studio @awj_studio has got us feeling super fresh.



The possibilities are endless with such a unique colour such as our Electric Blue, all we ask is that you use it how you want, where you want and love every minute of doing so.


We hope these home decor tips have inspired you to get your hands on our bestselling Electric Blue paint colour and try it yourself. And hey, if you still need some help, feel free to book a colour consultation with us and we’ll sort your colour puzzle in no time. Free option is available too!

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