New year, new home decor: how to start planning your home renovation

New year, new home decor: how to start planning your home renovation

By Iona Bower on

January is the time for dreaming. While you wait for the ‘big project’ weather to arrive, why not embrace planning instead? Be it a sleek, chic wet room or a two-storey extension to add whole new dimensions to life at home, every amazing renovation starts with a few first steps…


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Starting the new year with big home renovation plans? Don't stress. We're here to give you some practical advice, as well as do's and don't's on DIY renovations, budgeting and proper organisation... even if you're a beginner.



1. Line up the lucre.


Budget carefully to save yourself from any unpleasant surprises down the line. If what your heart is set on is out of reach, keep tweaking. Somewhere, there will be a compromise or a different path to achieving what you want.



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Starting the new year fresh with our Fresh Green paint colour.



2. Get quotes and make notes.


Get three quotes (you’ll likely go with the ubiquitous middle one but it’s good to have options). Check what each includes, ask about guarantees, what stages you’ll pay, and always agree to keep back a small percentage after the work is finished in case of any snagging issues.

Checkatrade has sound advice and a search facility to find recommended contractors in your area.



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We know this is an obvious advice but doing your research, especially when it comes to renovation costs, would save you so much anxiety, stress, money and, potentially, unpleasant surprises further down the line.



 3. Pick your team.


Commission plans or blueprints and consider getting a survey done if it’s for anything structural - particularly if you’ll be messing with drainage, electrics, or water supplies. Once you have plans and quotes, ask around locally and on social media about previous customers’ experiences.

If it starts to feel slightly overwhelming at this stage, simply draft in some free help. The folk at The Federation of Master Builders, for example, have some great advice on how to get from first quote to brand new room.



Take your time planning your home renovation properly, especially if your project goes far beyond just painting your living room. Only start the hard work when you've done your research, finished your budgeting, and picked your construction/decorating team or service.



4. Start dreaming.


Time to start on the fun stuff. Fire up Pinterest, get out the scissors, magazines and paint samples and put mood boards together. They don’t need to resemble the finished space; include anything that inspires you. This is about capturing the way you want your new space to make you feel more than anything.

Want your new bedroom to have a pared-back Bauhaus look? Or your next kitchen to make you feel like Daisy Buchanan eating cold fried chicken in The Great Gatsby? Get it on the mood board to make it happen.


YesColours paint pouch placed next to a paint tray and a paint roller and photographed in front of a yellow wallTime to have your fun and get creative. After all the faffing, you definitely deserve this.


5. Colour it all in.


Colour is what will breathe life into a new space. It pays to work with it in mind as you go, rather than to think of colour as something you do to a ‘blank canvas’ once the builders have packed up. An Electric Blue-painted bedroom might benefit from a roof light to up the energy. A bottle green wall paint, such as our Loving Green, may feel all the cosier for floor-level lighting.

If you feel you’d like some inspiration or a friendly steer, remember: you could only count on us for help or advice, even if it's just via Instagram DM. We've got you.



Woman with long dark curly hair painting a colourful mural with YesColours pastel paint coloursNothing makes a space feel cosy and welcoming like a little (or a lot) of colour.


We hope these home renovation tips have inspired you to start planning your home makeover, and do everything properly. And hey, if you still need some help, especially when it comes to finding the right paint colours for your space, feel free to book a colour consultation with us and we’ll sort your colour puzzle in no time. Free option is available too!


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