How to use red in your home

How to use red in your home

By Emily Harnasz on

Welcome to the bold world of the colour red. Red is the attention grabber, the emotion heightener, the passion seeker. This vibrant and energetic colour has a strong ability to move us, influence us and motivate us. But beware, use this rich and dominant hue in the wrong way and things could get a little fiery (see what we did there...?).

Red is a wonderful colour to use in the home, its positive effects can stimulate our senses, encourage us to get up and go, and even increase our confidence. But too much of it and you can stir up unwanted negative emotions including increased anger, irritation and impulsiveness. 

So, to help you use this paint colour the right way, let us guide you through the best ways of incorporating this wonderful shade into your interior scheme to maximum effect.


Our brand new paint colour - Electric Red, is truly versatile, despite appearing a bit too bold at first sight. In the sunlight, it has a ripe tomato hue, and at shadier times, it appears with a slight crimson tone. 




Used in moderation, red can be an exciting and welcoming choice for a child’s play space. Its ability to motivate and excite will ensure your little one will love their little den. To get the best out of that red in a playspace, keep to areas such as wardrobes, woodwork and skirting to add an exciting pop, then soften with blue and lilacs for a more peaceful feel.

Or, try our new YesColours Electric Red paint colour with our Friendly Blue and Fresh Yellow shades for a joyful and uplifting experience, so much so you’ll probably want to keep the space for yourself… but don’t blame us!

Complement with pinks.


Pink is essentially red with a little bit of white added to it, so it only seems right to pair it with its soul sister. Imagine the scene; Friendly Pink walls, Electric Red accents in mirror and cabinets and a crisp white tile adorned in a bathroom… insert chefs kiss. Adding pink is also a great way to make the otherwise bold colour red feel more romantic and peaceful, so think about using this combo in spaces like bedrooms and living rooms for a truly scrumptious scheme.


Elegant dining.


Warm rusty red tones are perfect for a dining space, as they increase the appetite and create an opulent and rich dining experience for both you and your guest. Achieve this look with our Loving Orange drenched everywhere (yes it can be seen as a red too don’t you know)... you can thank us later.


Home office with wooden desk and dark green velvet chair, with a zoning area painted in YesColours Electric Red paint colourIf going 'all-in' is not your thing, especially when it comes to such a bold and impactful colour such as red, try using this paint colour in zoning areas, on woodwork, or perhaps to upcycle furniture and small home decor items. One thing is sure: our Electric Red paint colour truly is a superstar... just look at it!



Wow-factor welcome.


What better way to welcome guests into your home than with an energetic blast of upbeat red. If you have panelling in your hallway, this could be the perfect colour to paint it for an exciting, showstopper feature that everyone will be talking about. 

Small pops.


Not ready to fully embrace red completely in your home, why not try adding it to small pieces of furniture like side tables, plant stands, coffee tables. Anything that needs a little bit of love and attention would very much appreciate some red slapped all over it… 


Get your pump on.


Red is an innately stimulating colour, it makes us feel strong, powerful and energised, therefore using it in a gym could actually help you to be more motivated and successful in your workouts. Use it to zone out where you do your intense workouts and balance with whites and greens elsewhere to calm the overall scheme. We take full credit for your new 6 pack.


Embrace the unexpected.


If there's one thing we absolutely love here at YesColours is the element of surprise, unusual colour combos and placements really do make our hearts sing. So why not try adding Electric red to a random mirror in a calm blue scheme or in picture frames in a tonal lilac space. After all, colour is there to excite, to experiment with and to be enjoyed, so create little moments of joy that make you smile from ear to ear.

So there you have it, red CAN be used in your interior scheme and to be honest you should rush to add it right away…we’ll wait. 

P.S. for further inspiration, check out our 3 YesColours paint colour combinations with Electric Red... we love them all, and we're sure you will too. Or, you know, at least one of them.


We hope these home decor tips have inspired you to introduce some orange paint colours in your home decor palette. And hey, if you still need some help, feel free to book a colour consultation with us and we’ll sort your colour puzzle in no time. Free option is available too!

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