How to add our Electric Black paint colour to your interiors scheme

How to add our Electric Black paint colour to your interiors scheme

By Emily Harnasz on

Here’s something you perhaps didn’t know about the colour black: it's actually not a colour at all. Boom, that's right. It’s what happens when there's a lack of ‘visible light’ also known as colour wavelengths or the rainbow to us simple folk. So, in a nutshell, black is essentially the absence of colour. How flipping cool is that? The magician of the colour world, if you will.

So now we’ve got your full attention and those mental cogs are turning, let us tell you how you can incorporate such a mysterious and perplexing shade into your home. For an extra bonus we'll be looking at our brand new, 'just in' paint colour - our blackest black: Electric Black. Buckle up that space suit and let's zoom to a dark and exciting galaxy (hopefully not too) far, far away.


Still life product image with a YesColours paint pouch photographed alongside home decor and DIY objects painted in black and posed in front of a black background

Just in: our brand new Electric Black paint colour. The blackest black we could create for interior, exterior, furniture upcycling... it's everything you want it to be, and more. Photography by the incredible Veega Studio.



Take the spotlight. 

Painting one wall in a room black can create an incredible focal point and add drama and sophistication to any space. The colour black, of course, makes for a particularly moody, intimate atmosphere in bedrooms or living rooms alike.

Black contrasts effortlessly with pinks, neutrals, greens and yellows so try it with our lush Loving Green paint colour for a deeply cocooning feel or our Passionate Pink for a Jane Fonda retro 80’s moment. OR, lets chuck out that rule book altogether and paint the lower half of the wall black and the rest (including the ceiling) Electric Hot White. Now that’s a showstopper if we ever heard one.



Imagine this: it's movie night, you’ve picked out your favourite film, you’ve got the popcorn at the ready and you head to your own private cinema room, black adorned everywhere. It’s the perfect shade for a truly immersive experience and, quite honestly, you may never need to leave your home again for that entertainment fix (cue introverts breathing a sigh of relief everywhere).


Wooden bed corner with a bedside lamp hanging on a wall next to it, all photographed on a black painted wall
When in doubt... paint it black. And we mean all of it.



Knock on (just) wood.

Not ready to commit to a full wall or entire space, but need some black in your life? Show your skirting, architraves and doors the love by slathering them in our Electric Black paint colour.

Paired with a neutral-coloured wall, black on the woodwork is a great trick in new builds as it helps to add architectural interest and can even help make a room appear larger, as the eye is drawn to the woodwork rather than low ceilings or anything else you want to detract attention from. Neat, huh?


Living room corner with neutral furniture, neutral walls and wooden door painted black

Our Electric Black and Electric Hot White paint colours make a perfect colour combination and contribute to a classic monochrome look that every minimalist would fall in love with. This one's for you, Japandi fans. 


Movable moments.

Black furniture can be a sophisticated and stylish addition to any room. Consider adding a black accent chair to living rooms or bedrooms, or a black console table to hallways to ground any colour palette and add unexpected excitement to your overall interior scheme. It’s also pretty low commitment as it's easily switched up or upcycled if you change your mind. 

Continuing along the lines of the ‘softly, softly’ approach, black accessories can also add depth and contrast without being too overbearing. Consider black throws, pillows, curtains, or a rug to a room with light-coloured walls and furniture.

Black lighting fixtures, such as pendant lights or chandeliers, can add a modern and industrial touch and black picture frames bring elegance to artwork and photographs. Texture and warm tones also complement black perfectly so consider changing handles to brass finishes or pairing with wood tones to add depth and dimension.

Paint it, black.

The Rolling Stones not only knew a thing or two about music, they knew a lot about curb appeal too.. that’s what the song’s about right? No? Well anyway..

Could there be anything more inviting than a luxuriously glossy black front door to welcome you home after a long day? We think not. Paint your front door in our deep, saturated (and really, really intense) Electric Black paint colour and watch those passersby stop and stare with envy.


Close up shot of a sofa in a light grey colour with the sun reflecting on it, photographed in front of a dark wall painted in a deep pitch black colour

Name a black paint colour that's deeper, sexier and more saturated than our Electric Black paint. We'll wait... right here on the sofa.


Whether you want to enter full goth mode or just titillate your curiosity with a hint of black, we hope the little paint tricks above have helped with sourcing a little bit of inspiration for your next home decor project.

And, in case you need more help with choosing the paint colours for your space, you can always book in for a colour consultation to see how we can help incorporate this wildly versatile and exciting shade seamlessly into your space. 


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