How to add blue to your interiors scheme

How to add blue to your interiors scheme

By Emily Harnasz on

Blue has been voted the world's favourite colour over and over, and we can totally see why. We’re constantly surrounded by it; the vast blue skies (unless it's the depths of winter in the northern hemisphere, but you get our point), oceans, lakes, sapphires, peacock feathers, kingfishers…  beautiful blue inspiration is everywhere.

With its innate versatility and ability to make us feel calm and clear, no wonder we're all looking to incorporate this paint colour into our homes too. You could call it the superhero of the colour wheel... but, you know, we’ll leave that to you.

Here’s why the colour blue is so great and how you can use it in your home.

Blue: the versatile shade.


Blue has many personalities. It can be a sweet and calming colour with its soft baby blue and duck egg tones. But it can also be the life and soul of the party with its cobalt blue and electric blue sisters. Try finding a grey hue that can do that... impossible, right? So really, there’s a blue shade out there for everyone. 

Take our paint colour palette for example: if you're after something relaxing, look no further than our Serene Blue colour. This pale grey blue paint shade is gracious, peaceful and versatile, easy on the eyes and suitable for use in large quantities across a whole room.

However, worry not - if you're after something much more show stopping, blue has your back there too. Enter our best-selling Electric Blue paint colour: the sassiest and most vibrant shade around. Great for statement walls and small spaces to make your home and your interior colour palette as unique as you are.


Close-up bedroom shot of a bed with navy blue patterned pillows, an art print hanging on the wall above the bed and a wall painted in Electric Blue cobalt blue colourA whole bedroom... painted in Electric Blue? Yes please! Maia @maia_mennell has created the perfect statement and yet cocooning bedroom colour palette thanks to our best-selling paint colour... and we're totally jealous.



It's magic.


Blue is what we call a receding colour, which means it has a wonderful ability to make spaces seem bigger. Splash it all over a small dark space in your home and you’ll be doing that room a serious favour.

Pro tip: adding our dark, saturated Passionate Blue paint colour to a downstairs loo or utility room would not only look epic but would also add inches to your space too. 

That’s what she said...


Close-up of a peach-coloured dry plant photographed in front of a dark, saturated blue-painted wallOur rich and saturated Passionate Blue paint colour is essentially a navy blue shade but with added a slight touch of red to warm it up and make it feel even more welcoming and cocooning.



Bedtime bliss.


As we mentioned earlier, blue is also great for encouraging a tranquil and restful environment... so, really what better place to use it than in the bedroom? A handy trick in any space you want to feel more relaxed, is to drench the colour everywhere: walls, ceiling, woodwork, yes - everywhere! The reason this paint hack works is because there are no distractions for the eye to get caught up on, leaving you to do nothing but chill in your beautifully immersive space.

This home decor strategy works best with shades like our Calming Blue or Serene Blue as they are much more muted and restful. Whichever you choose, painting it everywhere will give you the best night sleep you’ve ever had (not scientifically proven, don’t sue us!).



Bedroom corner with a hanging lightbulb and grey bed headboard, photographed in front of a pale blue wallThe YesColours Serene Blue paint colour is one of the most soothing paint shades in our palette. It's the perfect pale blue colour for a bedroom, or any other space in your home where you'd like to feel calm, relaxed and... you know, serene.



Blue to get you focused.


Yes, blue is calming indeed, but did you know it's also a great colour to aid productivity, therefore a great choice for a home office space? This works best with a more uplifting and joyful tone, so why not try Friendly Blue around your desk area to really get you motivated?

Don’t be surprised if you get a promotion because of it (again, not guaranteed, don’t come for us!).

P.S. to get even more inspired to try this deep pastel blue paint shade, have a look at our 3 Friendly Blue colour combinations. We guarantee there's something in there for everyone's taste, even if you're strictly a neutral paint colour lover.



A spacious, airy hallway with a striped white, mustard yellow and pale pink rug, with a little sideboard with flowers on top, hanging mirror above it, clothing rack on the left and small potted plant on the right, all photographed in front of a pastel blue wallOur Friendly Blue paint colour is guaranteed to put a smile on your face... or to simply keep you motivated and energised with your day to day tasks. Or both.



Warm it up.


Blue is one of the cooler colours on the spectrum, so why not heat it up with some warm neutrals or fresh peachy pinks? Consider our stunning Loving Neutral paint colour on ceilings and woodwork or trying our Calming Peach paint on adjacent walls for a fun and surprisingly comforting feel.



Bedroom with striped bedding and pillow covers, photographed in front of a three-coloured wall: neutral, Electric Blue and peachMaisie @maisieviolet_rees' bedroom, featuring our Electric Blue and Fresh Peach paint colours, is the perfect example of balancing different paint colour groups and achieving an incredible harmony in your home without any of them feeling overbearing.


So there you go - consider this your proof that blue is no longer the ‘safe bet’ or the thing we say when we’re sad. This colour also has the ability to totally transform you and your home, so go ahead and enjoy this wonderfully versatile and magical hue however your heart desires.

We hope these home decor tips have inspired you to introduce some orange paint colours in your home decor palette. And hey, if you still need some help, feel free to book a colour consultation with us and we’ll sort your colour puzzle in no time. Free option is available too!

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