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YesColours Serene Peach 60ml Sample Paint Serene Peach paint sample (60ml) Serene Peach paint sample (60ml) YesColours Serene Peach 60ml Sample Paint YesColours Serene Peach 60ml Sample Paint

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Serene Peach paint sample (60ml)

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The YesColours Serene Peach paint is our placid peach colour. Chilled out to the max. A muted peach with reddish clay undertones which can still rejuvenate the soul due to the fact that when you sit down next to this, it transports you to a sun-kissed clay patio on South Beach, Miami or lazing around on a Moroccan riad rooftop.

This tranquil Serene Peach reminds us of peach moonstones, a french manicure, and 1977, when Diane Keaton graced our screens with Annie Hall; her unforgettable androgynous style clothing, her dewy skin, the colour grading of the movie in general. What a gal.

Use our Serene Peach paint colour in the bedroom, living room, in nurseries, creative spaces, as well as in your hallway, where it will serve as a warm handshake that will greet everyone who walks in.


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