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YesColours Passionate Yellow 60ml Sample Paint YesColours Passionate Yellow 60ml Sample Paint YesColours Passionate Yellow 60ml Sample Paint

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Passionate Yellow paint sample (60ml)

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We have always wanted a classic yellow from the offset and we've got it with this one. Enter our Passionate Yellow paint colour. This is a sunshine-bursting, grown up deeper yellow which can't help but put a smile on most people's faces. You might see the extremely subtle red undertone in this - we've added it just to keep it cosy. We dare you not to smile at this one.

In India, yellow has a spiritual power, symbolic of peace and knowledge, it's the colour of buttercups, daffodils and so many other spring flowers, a sweet yellow pepper and a ripe fresh lemon. Oh, and it instantly reminds us of Uma Thurman's yellow jumpsuit from Kill Bill, a nod to Bruce Lee's outfit in his last movie Game of Death.

Use our Passionate Yellow paint colour to bring the sun into your home, even if your space is North-facing. This is the perfect yellow paint for nurseries and children's rooms, as well as kitchens and dining spaces as it has a secret magical power to radiate positivity, warmth and an overall feeling of togetherness. 


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