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YesColours Friendly Green 60ml Sample Paint YesColours Friendly Green 60ml Sample Paint

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Friendly Green Paint Sample (60ml)

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Our Friendly Green paint colour represents new growth, youthfulness, a love of nature, family, friends and your home. This is a bold pastel lime green or pea green to others, a rather spontaneous shade of green that we absolutely adore.

This paint colour reminds us of the Echeveria Green Prince succulent plant or the best fresh guacamole at Nicos in Mexico city. And if you've never had a lime basil macaron... well you are truly missing out.

Add a friendly touch to your home interior scheme by adding our Friendly Green paint to your hallway palette, as an accent colour in your bedroom (feature wall anyone?) or simply use it all over your living room.

Free delivery on 2-4 samples.