Collection: Serene

This collection is so neutral and gentle, they have the power to make even the most energetic of folk feel restful. These muted tones allow for the paint to be used on a large scale area of the home without being too overbearing.

The Serene Collection also compliment the more vibrant hues in our palette, so instead of a white, you could use a Serene colour to balance out the room on woodwork or ceilings. You might have noticed, our Fresh Cool White and Electric Hot White also will make perfect partners for this palette - so there's something here for everyone with this group.

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  • Serene Blue paint sample (60ml)
  • Serene Green paint sample (60ml)
  • Serene Neutral paint sample (60ml)
  • Serene Peach paint sample (60ml)
  • Serene Pink paint sample (60ml)