YesColours Electric Paint Collection
YesColours Electric Paint Collection

Collection: Electric paint collection

Our Electric Collection is surely an impactful one. It's clearly forever captured in our brains too, as this is the collection we always see when we close our eyes here at YesColours. In a way, our Electric paint collection is our guilty pleasure... and now it can be yours, too.

We wanted a group of colours that will bring us energy, a new-found optimism, a (sometimes) much-needed boost... and a reboot. And, we can proudly say that this curated selection of vibrant, almost electrifying paint colours does just that.

The colours from our Electric Collection is for the brave. Whether you're brave at heart or brave with your interior palette — we guarantee there's at least one colour in our Electric Collection that will give you an instant shot of energy and will make you say 'Wow!'. And, let's not forget — this collection is also the home to our ultimate best-selling paint colour, the Yves Klein-inspired ultramarine blue shade — our Electric Blue. Wow indeed.

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