Collection: Calming

The Calming Collection, is about having your space reflect what you want to achieve from it. We're putting colour to practical use - with the intention that it can help your state of mind and, by showing you some stylistic options to consider when partnering colours together, you can achieve a calming, relaxed but still colourful look that's not too overbearing.

This collection aims to have you imagine that time in the evening when the sun is setting and everything has a slightly muted warm glow, whether you’re in South beach Miami or Brighton beach in Sussex.

Our calming colours are an incredibly content group of colours. Chilled out and do not take themselves too seriously. We wanted a group of colours which were a hybrid of muted pastels but with a quietly bold mindset.

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  • Calming Blue paint sample (60ml)
  • Calming Green paint sample (60ml)
  • Calming Grey paint sample (60ml)
  • Calming Neutral paint sample (60ml)
  • Calming Peach paint sample (60ml)
  • Calming Yellow paint sample (60ml)