Collection: Art Nouveau

Commonly known as "New Style" in the UK, Art Nouveau was originally inspired by natural forms, plants and flowers.

This edit celebrates the pastel elements of nature along with a contrasting vintage green of our Passionate Olive Green.

This edit is a group of colours which are predominantly cool in tone, fresh in feeling and complimentary as a pairing or as a whole group. This edit also invited a multitude of other colours from our palette but we had to stay strong and only choose 8... much like a good movie, we wanted to leave you hanging for more.

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  • Fresh Lilac
  • Fresh Pink
  • Joyful Pink
  • Friendly Pink
  • Fresh Peach
  • Serene Peach
  • Calming Yellow
  • Passionate Olive Green
  • Fresh Aqua
  • Passionate Warm White