Top 5 paint colours for a relaxing living room

Top 5 paint colours for a relaxing living room

By Elena Koycheva on

After the turbulence we've all endured in the last three years, it's no wonder that most of us want one simple thing from life right now... and that is, to relax. With stress taking its toll on our health - both physical and mental, our family environment and our work responsibilities, we need to take a moment to breathe, reflect and indulge in a little quietness so we could recharge our body and mind and be on top of our game again.

Following our 5 Feng Shui home decor tips for a Zen home, we're now extending the topic of a truly relaxing home and bringing to you the top 5 YesColours paint colours for a relaxing living room.

Now, put the kettle on, grab your favourite blanket and get reading.


1. Calming Green.


There are no secrets here - the cue is in the name, after all. Our Calming Green paint colour, part of our Calming Collection, is a sage green shade, slightly muted so it's easy on the eyes and has a soothing effect on your mind. You can count on it to never (ever!) overwhelm your space, no matter whether you paint your entire living room with it, upcycle that mid-century sideboard that needs a new life, or simply focus on small accents within a neutral interior scheme. 

Alternatively, you could pair it with pink or lilac paint colours to balance their intensity and help them look and feel more grounded in your space.


Close up of a white fireplace with a wooden top and a mirror and a plant placed on it, photographed on a sage green painted wall in a living room

Our Calming Green paint colour reminds us of nature: think of fresh eucalyptus, woody herbs, the newly growing grass in spring. Similar to the feeling of being out in nature, this sage green paint shade will bring the outside in and contribute to a relaxing living room, where you could unwind after a long, busy day.



2. Loving Neutral.


Our Loving Neutral paint colour, part of our Loving Collection, is a warm, sandy neutral shade with grey undertones. Its ability to pair incredibly well with dark, heritage tones would bring your neutral interior scheme to the next level, especially if your home benefits from tall ceilings.

By using our Loving Neutral paint colour, especially in your living room, you'll create a deep, neutral ambiance that would act like a gentle but firm hug and will immerse you into a never-ending feeling of calmness.



potted plant in a jute plant pot photographed in front of a neutral white wallOur Loving Neutral paint colour is ideal for lovers of minimalism, as well as Scandinavian or Japan interior design. It's the perfect paint colour for heritage interior schemes and old properties with tall ceilings or wall panelling.



3. Passionate Warm White.


Another neutral and equally relaxing colour option for your living room is our Passionate Warm White paint colour. Part of our Passionate Collection, this YesColours white paint shade draws its strength from the world around us. 

With its earthy clay tone, Passionate Warm White will warm and calm any and every space around, as well as balance any existing colour combinations, especially if they're consisting of dark, saturated shades.

Use our Passionate Warm White paint generously in your living room, especially if it's a north-facing space. For the best effect, colour drench everything in it - from the walls, to the woodwork, skirting boards and ceiling. This would result in a soothing and relaxing space where your mind and body could rest after a working day... or simply on a cosy weekend when your to-do list is completely empty.

One can dream, right?



A corner shot of a spacious bedroom with white bedding, plants and colours and ceiling painted in neutral white colourUse our Passionate Warm White paint colour to colour drench your entire space. Painting everything in the same colour would contribute not only to a cohesive and harmonious interior scheme, but would also create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere that would greet you every time you step into the room.



4. Loving Orange.


Another addition to our Loving Collection, our recently launched Loving Orange paint colour is an exotic and yet grounded burnt orange colour with a red undertone. It's the perfect autumnal shade which brings people together, surrounding you with a wise, bronzy, deep clay hue.

Worry not though - of course you could enjoy this paint colour all year long (and not only in autumn!). The YesColours Loving Orange paint colour us warm and cocooning, but also truly versatile.

This means that during summer it would bring memories of your childhood pastime of finding and picking conkers in the cold months, or even transport you to India and Morocco, almost as if you're surrounded by perfectly tall cone piles of warm spices.

Close your eyes and take a breath. You might even smell the cinnamon.



Spacious dining room with tall ceilings and wooden dining table set with chairs, boho chic pampas grass plant, geometrical ceiling lamp shade and a dark orange painted wall with two black and white illustrations hanged on itThere's orange... and then there's our Loving Orange. This dark burnt orange paint colour has the ability to inject a generous dose of warmth even into the coldest of spaces, making them cosy, welcoming and cocooning.



5. Passionate Blue.


Surely, when you think of 'relaxing living room colours', you'll most likely imagine warm peaches, soft greens or soothing neutrals. If that's the case, then finding our Passionate Blue paint colour in this selection might seem like a big surprise. Trust us though, this saturated blue shade definitely has the potential to turn even the most restless of us into a relaxed ball, hidden under the warm blanket, bingeing Seinfeld for a whole weekend.

Our Passionate Blue paint colour, part of our Passionate Collection, is a rich blue colour and a deep passionate (yep - cue is in the name, as always!) thinker. It's our version of a navy blue shade but with a YesColours twist. We've added a touch of red to this deep blue paint to warm it up make it more welcoming.

Use this dark blue in your living room for a feeling of warmth, serenity and contentment. 

Want a little advice? Try this deep hue all over your living room. And by 'all over', we mean... all over! By colour drenching your space in this shade, you'll create a unique harmonious atmosphere that won't allow your eye to get distracted with unnecessary details but will keep your mind and brain focused, grounded and... you've guessed it - relaxed. All the time. Simply paint your walls, your skirting boards and woodwork in Passionate Blue.

And, while you're at it, why not add the 5th wall - your ceiling - to the list too? You'll thank us later.


Living room corner with windows, plants, music equipment, disco ball and a dark blue painted accent wallOur Passionate Blue paint colour would definitely bring a healthy dose of passion into your living room... but, don't worry - it would keep it a relaxing space too.



We hope these home decor tips have inspired you to create the relaxing living room of your dreams, right in your own home. And hey, if you still need some help, feel free to book a colour consultation with us and we’ll sort your colour puzzle in no time. Free option is available too!

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